Sample Personal Reflection Paper on Logistics


I chose the article on a train carrying feces remaining stranded on a yard in Alabama for two months. The reason for the train’s predicament was the improper logistic used by the company. Studies indicate that poor logistics in a supply chain can lead to loss of customers. It is clear from the article that scanty logistic used by the agencies led to the delay of the disposal of harmful human waste.

Logistic is the management of the movement of materials from their sources of origin to the point of disposal, aimed at attaining customer satisfaction. Hence, the article is relevant because it aligns with the course and involves the transportation of human waste. If the process of transporting the waste was properly executed, environmental pollution could be prevented in the state of Alabama. Various methods of transporting fecal matters should now be integrated to deter the recurrence of the incident in Alabama.

Residents of Alabama have been subjected to environmental pollution due to a train being stranded in the yard for two months. It is believed to be carrying human waste. Fecal matters are transported from New York and New Jersey in big containers named EPIC, and is disposed in a landfill within Adamsville. The residents in the neighborhood in Alabama have filed a petition against the agencies to deter the storage of the waste in the yard, but their injunction has received no response so far.

On my point of view, appropriate logistic in the transportation industry is of paramount importance in gaining customer satisfaction. Improper integration of related processes leads to adverse effects on consumers. Therefore, due to lack of effective logistic by the firm resulted to the train being stranded in Alabama.