Sample Personal Reflection Paper on Leadership

Personal Reflection on Leadership

I have always had a firm belief that leadership is nurtured and also influenced by aspects like charisma. This comes with the ability to influence actions of persons and generally spearheading the achievement of various set objectives. In most instances am worried by the inability to meet the set objectives. This attribute has made me have firm conviction on the need to involve different players in order to meet the required goals. The aspect of involvement in leadership will be more critical in the context on an organization. In the course of involving different players, I champion for sticking to already set procedures and traditions. Adopting any new measures should be done after extensive consultation with all stakeholders. This approach will help in eliminating possible resistance that could be very detrimental.

In my education and professional life, I believe in the art of training at different levels so as to influence results. This is because I believe that leadership should be nurtured through adopting different training programs. These training programs should also be designed for other personnel as this tend to improve their levels of performance. In addition, as a leader at different level, I believe in inspiring confidence among my subjects. Apart from influencing their delivery, this will help in improving their morale at the work place. Leadership should also be based on innovative undertakings. Constant embracing new working ideas should be given precedence. Other persons should be allowed amble opportunity to effectively participate in innovation related engagements. Engaging in servant leadership will help in making other persons, subjects, to feel appreciated and allowed space to show their potentiality.



Eight scores for C-H-A-R-I-S-M-A


1. Do you often focus on the past and on the negative experiences that have held you back? 4
2. Are you overly analytical in your thinking, instead of trusting your intuitive wisdom? 5
3. Are you aware of your innermost thoughts most of the time? 2
Total Score of 1-3 ____2____
4. Are you aware of how you impact others? 6
5. Do you feel comfortable in your own skin? 5
6. Can you easily identify your own strengths and weaknesses? 7
Total Score of 4-6 __4_____
7. Are you able to quickly build meaningful rapport with others? 4
8. Do you engage others with thought-provoking questions? 5
9. Do you tell compelling stories to illustrate things? 7
Total Score of 7-9 ____8____
10. Do others consider you an open and friendly person? 6
11. Are you appreciative of others for who they are and curious about their life experiences? 7
12. Do others see you as compassionate and caring? 6
Total Score of 10-12 ___11_____
13. Are you beliefs positive and supporting you in what you want to accomplish? 7
14. Do you feel comfortable in your own skin? 5
15. Can you manage yourself when you experience self-doubt or feel insecure? 4
Total Score of 13-15 ___15_____
16. Are you congruent (i.e., is your talk consistent with your walk? 4
17. Do you see possibilities where others do not? 5
18. Do you capture the imagination of others and inspire them to be supportive of your cause? 6
Total Score of 16-18 __17______
19. Do you bring your “whole self” to your interactions (or is your mind constantly wandering)? 7
20. When you approach people, do you maintain an open mind and heart? 5
21. Do others feel seen and heard by you? 5
Total Score of 19-21 ___20_____
22. Are you able to articulate what makes you unique? 6
23. Do you know what energizes you (and what depletes your energy)? 7
24. Are you clear on your values; and do you act in alignment with those values? 6
Total Score of 22-24 ___22_____