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Real Time Connection Application

Executive Summary

The contemporary society depicts social networking vividly in the lives of the people in almost every aspect including businesses and organizations that wish to remain in touch with customers on real-time basis. Through social networking, organizations have been able to tap various opportunities through digital platform’s establishments. Among the fields that have revolutionized how individuals negotiate to get better prices and shop is the technology of smart phones.

A dynamic shift has also been caused by social networking which brings diverse groups of individuals together enabling them to take part in the activities of the online markets. Through direct connection to the application, financial institutions can now offer different services to clients. Real Time Connection application refers to a software-based application. This application includes online social websites in a single application while allowing users financial and social management capabilities.

Using Real Time Connection application, individuals are able to connect with the other platforms for social networking through a single dedicated interface. The interface is user-friendly with content that allow users to buy and make payments for the goods that they purchase via this application. Additionally, customers are alerted about new promotions and offers that are categorized properly on the basis of the needs of individual users. Real Time Connection application also shows the connections that are frequently active on a site with an aim of purchasing products. Moreover, this application creates the profiles of customers online which enhances the provision of personalized promotional content on the basis of the preferences and profile information of the user.

Internet infrastructure via GPS technology has made this possible due to its ability to provide consumers’ information based on their location while providing updates of the information regarding new products. The contemporary setup of e-commerce has made social networking an indispensible platform. Businesses are using the tools of social networks to promote brands as well as to increase their revenue. They are also using this platform to avoid unethical practices which prevent their brands from penetrating the market. In a nutshell, Real Time Connection application has brought different social network aspects into businesses while boosting sales as well as the entire brand image. All these aspects are vital to businesses.


People in different societies and regions across the globe have been connected in the contemporary world’s economy through communication. Various communication channels that were a characteristic of the early communication are still being used. There has also been a transition from the old-age communication channels to the contemporary channels that are based on advanced technology. Communication used to be an asset that individuals used while interacting in their daily lives. Trade activities of different businesses relied on communication as a means of communicating offers and reaching customers.

Today, communication is still playing these vital roles while using different channels. The use of different channels research-papers-research-papers-service-custom-research-papershas made passing information easier while hastening trading processes. Modern communication channels have also brought about secure terms in regards to financial transactions. Intelligent gadgets have been invented due to technological advancement and these are now used in virtually every aspect of the structure of the modern society. Internet infrastructure and technological advancement have propelled this to even greater heights. Today, there are cloud-based, online platforms that people can access using smart phones. It is impossible to sideline social networks’ platform in the contemporary era. Businesses are able to track their products which mean that they can profile customers in both the private and public fronts.

Consequently, businesses are able to establish new as well as cemented customer-seller relationships on the basis of the factors of social demographics. This enables businesses to provide tailored products for certain networks while enhancing interaction between the system and the people (Epstein & Manzoni 210). As such, businesses are able to properly integrate within social fabrics while meshing with the lives of the people especially because of the introduction of the technology used by smart phones. The interaction between the seller and the buyer has improved online brands’ reputation in the social arenas. According to the latest trends, this aspect is being integrated by corporate businesses slowly within their operations because social platforms have the potential of accelerating businesses.


It should be noted that social networking is becoming indispensable within the corporate world. Companies are capitalizing on its capabilities to introduce smart based apps that are customized specifically for their industry. This has enabled them to use the traffic of the social media especially the traffic that comprises of the young generations. This way, firms are able to come up with products that are tailored for such groups while still monitoring buying behaviors in order to enhance product personalization.

Social network websites including Google+, Weibo, Facebook and Twitter have recently become very popular. Google launched a more interactive feature that is video-based, the hangout which enriched the content through the elaboration of a particular product. This made tapping the potential of different market segments easier (Korhan 13). Marketing executives can come up with video content with an aim of appealing to more consumers. Thus, the growth of social networks continues because the technology of smart phones has introduced mobile-based computing which is possible to tap while on the move. People can now download the applications of social networks from different online stores so that they can visit different on-site business models.

This is an increasing trend currently because of social media integration in different online trade fabrics, whereby the social media is being used by businesses as a way of deepening and growing their market as well as connecting with potential clients while executing analytics of product enhancement because they can determine the aspects of the product that customers like and ones that they dislike (Lovett 322). Nevertheless, some questions have been raised regarding the way corporate businesses can tap the social media in order to handle their financial transactions online through social networks.

Real Connected World Application

The use of smart phones is on the increase and this has made various applications of the social network that are capable of supporting the normal processes of different businesses to be developed. Nevertheless, it is important to have an application that is capable of consolidating most features of social networks in a single gadget in order to enhance information sharing among businesses. A portable mobile device can support this due to the contemporary internet technologies. Real Connected World app uses the GPS which is a navigation system whose basis is radio waves that locate the coordinates of the selected points.

Once a request to access a certain site online is initiated, the application goes ahead with the authentication process where a password and username are requested. Once provided, the application uses a mechanism which is encrypted to encrypt the username as well as the password from a malicious attempt that is presented because of cookies that assist in profiling. Different selected stores are then located by the application and eventually a real-time notification about the available deals is given to the user.

The user interface of the application is customizable. It has favorites and catalog sections as well as a navigation pane that enables users to filter what they like depending on their selected preferences. Users are also able to order coupons that online stores are offering instantly. A customized application enables customers to access business deals directly. After locating a good deal, the customer is granted access by the application to an online store that is offering that deal.  The app requests an online transaction from the sales point since it has online connection to payment channels.

The buyer receives the bill automatically and he/she is directed to the page where they can download the product. Apart from facilitating billing, the application enhances sharing and printing of coupons from smart phones through the internet. Printed coupons are presentable in the local shops. Users are able to accumulate their points with every item that they buy using the application. Additionally, users are updated on their activity status depending on their purchases. This is enhanced by the barcodes of the bought items.

There are rare Smartphone applications performing a similar function because it is a complex functionality that comes with various application platforms including Android and Windows driven gadgets. This makes Real Connected World a leading app that is designed in a way that enables it to handle the 3 platforms that are currently in use.

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