Sample Paper Outline Assignment on Global Terrorism

Research Question and Thesis Statement to Guide the Study

Thesis Statement: Global terrorism policies have profound effects on civil rights and liberty in the United States.

Research Question: What are the impacts of Global Terrorism on Civil Rights and Liberty in the U.S.?

Key Concepts and Factors in the Literature Review

The literature will be reviewed systematically. The literature will interpret old materials and relate it to the current problem. Further, the review will aim to trace progression in terms of surveys and research studies conducted on the topic. Consequently, analyze data and statistics to advice readers on the most pertinent issues surrounding the topic. A review of literature will highlight on the feelings in respect to domestic and global terrorist attacks and policies.

Identification of Variables

Variable X                                                                               Variable Y

Global terrorism policies                                                         Incidences of attacks


Restriction of civil liberty

Right to privacy and confidentiality


Identify when and how you will use your sources in answering the question, be as specific as you can.

Sources would be utilized after the formulation of research questions and the thesis statement. The two activities are critical in indicating the kind of information required for the study. The sources used would be arranged alphabetically in relation to the topic and theme of the paper. The sources will be used to provide a brief description of the topic and or executive summary. The sources may also be arranged alphabetically by the author to make it easy during perusal. The sources used to answer the questions will comprise books, newspapers, journal materials, dissertation, government security publications, multimedia recordings, and websites.

Specifically, the sources will:

  • Encourage critical thinking in relation to the research question, assumptions, and other fundamental ideas to guide the research.
  • Provide substantial evidence in regards to how global terrorism policies and procedures effectively affect civil rights and liberties.
  • Establish the validity of sources as highlighted by other researchers.
  • Provide the opportunity of considering other key multimedia sources in reviewing the literature.
  • Stimulate thinking to situate the research to the research question.
  • Provide action of determining helpful sources for the investigation.
  • Highlight sources critical in providing background information on the topic under discussion.

Identify major sections of your paper and link to these sources

The major section of the paper includes:


    • Brief description of the topic.
    • Historical data and statistics.
    • Formulation of research question.
    • Thesis statement.

Literature Review

    • Research findings to highlight on what other researchers have discovered in relation to the topic of study.
    • Analysis of data and statistics on the impacts of global terrorism on civil rights and liberty.
    • Discussions of findings that examines why people feel global terrorism policies have improved security or are less effective in fighting crime.
    • Recommendations for the future highlighting prudent steps that the government can take to assure citizens of their safety, while taking into considerations the civil rights and liberty that must be protected.

This section will form the basis of the research because it will provide the main tenets of the study. Notably, a thorough analysis is critical in convincing readers seeking to ascertain whether global terrorism impacts positively or negatively on civil rights and liberty.


This will provide a summary of the findings, analysis, and discussions. It will end with an outline of the solution to the research question.



References/ Works Cited

Some of the sources and information materials to be used in the study as literature review include;