Sample Paper on Why Do You Want to Become a Social Worker?

Social work is a fast-growing career that is composed of intellectual and emotionally sound professionals representing people and their respective needs. The profession has in the past produced agents of change who have made significant changes and contributions in the life of people in societies. The changes are envisaged in a broad array of social work policies. The desire to pursue the social work program at this graduate school is to gain knowledge and skills valuable in addressing human rights violations, social injustices, make policies, and shift areas of practice.

My desire to become a social worker is driven by the need to support people by standing up against human rights violations and social injustice. With respect to human rights, eradication of any form of inequity, supporting social and political rights, and curtailing all forms of domestic violence are some of the issues I intend to address after graduation. The social work program instills knowledge on how to prevent structural violence and the establishment of unjust social structures. I believe progress in society is measured based on the extent to which people are assured of fair access to resources and respect for human rights. I often become upset whenever I witness social injustices, such as homelessness, in my community. The social work graduate program will be significant in helping solve the numerous social problems people encounter on a daily basis.

I intend to pursue social work to make a change in someone’s life. The program will make me a better social work policy-maker. I have established that individuals that frequently develop policies that affect communities do not utilize the experiences of reality at the local levels. Even as I plan on joining your graduate school to pursue the social work program, I know that upon graduation, I will be fit to develop improved policies for the people. As a social worker, I will work alongside interest groups and policy-making organs to address the plight of the youth in relation to the criminal justice system. The experience gathered from the social work program will support me to make accurate reflections of the youth’s demands and experiences. As follows, the changes I intend to initiate in my community will primarily be anchored on good social work policies.

The diversity of the social work career constitutes another reason why I intend to pursue the program. The social work course curriculum covers a broad array of topics culminating into areas of specialization ranging from people’s mental wellbeing to child protection. However, I recognize that social workers may choose to specialize in one area once they graduate. Notwithstanding, social workers have the opportunity to move across different areas of the profession. For example, I witnessed a friend working as a child protection officer move to the adult social work area of practice, a challenge she subsequently enjoyed. I enjoy working in challenging fields which the social work program guarantees.

I chose this particular graduate school because of its deep academic tradition, reputation, and beauty. I believe this graduate school can impart in me the knowledge and skills essential in initiating significant changes in the community, as well as create more opportunities to advance my social work career. The flexibility of pursuing a degree program comprises a factor that needs to be considered before making a decision to join a particular college. As such, this graduate school additionally offers an opportunity to comfortably pursue the program while also fulfilling my work schedule. I intend to pursue my graduate, master’s, and doctorate degrees in this institution.

Social work is a challenging career. After graduation, social work professionals are empowered to produce substantial differences in the lives of many people. The professionals are better placed to address human rights issues, social injustices, and make relevant policies that amicably address the concerns of community members. The lessons I gain from the social work program will be applied in varying levels of society and in diverse fields of practice.