Sample Paper on White Collar Crime and Fraud

White Collar Crime and Fraud – Patterns of Criminal/Delinquent Behavior

White-collar crimes are criminalities that do not involve violence or physical injury to the victim. These crimes mostly involve finance violation of the victims usually involving lump sum amounts. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in collaboration with other agencies ensures that they bring to justice perpetrators of such crimes. This essay lists the most interesting and unbelievable white-collar crime that the FBI has revealed (Gottschalk, 2016).

As detailed by White-Collar Crime (2016), individuals and corporations collaborated with financial institutions to falsify their account statements to get mortgage loans. Other cases of such forms of crime are within the healthcare system where hackers have devised ways to access individual information through the internet and request reimbursement of the funds as shopping and cash withdraws. Another form of white-collar crime is identity theft, which occurs when an individual uses another person’s identity for his or her own financial benefits. Copyright violations also apparent currently, where an individual uses another person’s work as their own (“White-Collar Crime”, 2016).

In continuation, capital market and security exchange irregularities occur when an individual controls the price of shares and stock in the market by obtaining inside information illegally for their own personal financial gains. Furthermore, the FBI has identified that political leaders use hackers to influence the voting patterns of the electorate in order to secure leadership positions. Cybercrimes are a common white crime in this technological era and they occur when individuals with advanced computer knowledge access personal information from companies, personal and governmental databases. Within the police department, individuals and cartels are also able to buy their own freedom from the arresting officers (“White-Collar Crime”, 2016).

Furthermore, education facilities have also been victims of these crimes as people misrepresent their qualifications in order to have a better chance of obtaining employment. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has also discovered that some industries produce counterfeit goods and introduce them into the market. Finally, leaders in power also perpetrate such crimes by obtaining high-end contracts after gaining access to information about the government contracts prior to the public announcement and use their influence to obtain contracts and tenders illegally (“White-Collar Crime”, 2016).



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