Sample Paper on Theory of climate Change Does Not Exist

Theory of climate Change Does Not Exist

The issue regarding climatic change has always been controversial in nature based on the arguments that have been made on it. There is a conspiracy theory going on around the internet that global warming was mainly invented for financial reasons thus climatic change does not exist. Those who made this claim have mentioned that climatic change is a new industry that has been developed for making money. They also claim that there is no evidence that the scientists have provided to prove that climatic change is caused by human activity (Cook, 2015). These people who dismiss the theory have supported their conspiracy theory by mentioning that the scientists and the institutions that are involved in global warming research does so in order to obtain money thus do their best to come up with reasons to scare people to validate their reasons to continue obtaining financial benefits.

However, these arguments are manipulative hoax and there is no logic behind their arguments regarding climatic change being a conspiracy theory for obtaining financial benefits. This conspiracy commits to the logical fallacy that involves people jumping into conclusions without proper reasoning or research (Cook, 2015). There are tens of thousands of scientists located in several nations that have provided overwhelming evidence to prove that humans are responsible for climatic change meaning that global warming exists (Ocko, 2017). Some of the evidences provided are regarding the burning of fossil fuels which leads to heat being trapped into the atmosphere which elevates the rate of global warming (Ocko, 2017). People need to do a basic accounting in regards to what they burn daily or the amount of carbon dioxide that is being emitted in the environment. This is the only way they will able to accept that humans are the main cause of global warming and that the theory regarding financial benefits being a simple hoax that needs to be highly refuted. The sooner people come to accept and agree with the scientists that climatic change is real and not intended for financial benefits, it will become easy to address the issue to make the future of humanity better.





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