Sample Paper on The Wings of Innovation: The Effects of Innovation on Toms

Stephanie Strom’s article Turning Coffee into Water to Expand Business gives details of how Mr. Blakes Mycoskie’s shoe company, Toms, has been expanding through the sale of less expensive pairs of shoes to the fortunate and giving away another pair to needy individuals. The company used this same technique in selling its eyeglasses. Toms is expanding and it has developed a line of coffee and the returns from the sales are aimed at providing clean water for billions of people around the world who lack such an essential. The company also plans to use hygiene and sanitation training in developing nations to curb the spread of preventable diseases. This paper seeks to prove that Toms’ introduction of a coffee line is an innovation that is part of its effective strategic plan that seeks to ensure successful global marketing and an eventual competitive advantage over its rivals.

Competitive advantage is one way by which businesses ensure that they gain more than their rivals. This can be achieved in various ways. In the case of Toms, the business is offering additional benefits and services that enable customers to purchase more of its products. The introduction of different lines of products, such as shoes for the less fortunate, eyeglasses for those with eye problems who cannot afford expensive medical care, and coffee is considered a competitive advantage. Using part of its sales to promote humanitarian initiatives makes the general society uphold the company in high regard. Society around the world view Toms as a company not only concerned with making profits but also gives back part of its earnings to the less fortunate in the society.

An effective strategic plan provides a company with the necessary actions needed to attain organizational goals. Toms aims at creating a stronger bond with its customers. One way of achieving this is devising ways by which customers can become active participants in the organization’s activities. When customers get involved in humanitarian activities, they acquire the awareness that when they purchase any product from Toms, they are financing important humanitarian initiatives. Toms gains by making sales and by reaching out to the rest of the society, hence maintaining a high profile.

The act of assisting the needy is an aspect of global marketing. For successful participation, Toms must collaborate with other organizations, such as the Water for People, which is a humanitarian organization that works to provide sustainable water supply in different communities around the world. Such collaborations, with major players on the global platform, provide Toms with an effective way of marketing its brand on that platform, especially in cases when a tank is built, an eyesight problem treated, and whenever poor families get shoes for their feet. To enhance its global marketing techniques using its coffee line, Toms plans to have more café stores in international locations, such as South Korea, Netherlands among other destinations.

In conclusion, marketing is an essential attribute for the survival of any business. In an attempt to develop workable strategic plans that will help in global marketing, Toms has been involved in humanitarian activities that make it an essential actor in the global platform. This is the company’s competitive advantage since its customers get involved in the company’s operations and this encourages the purchase of the company’s products.




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