Sample Paper on The Importance of Telecommunication

The Importance of Telecommunication and Information Technology

Just the same way individuals can’t do without food, shelter and water, information is a critical component in any organization or activity that is carried out since it enables conveyance and response in equal measures. This can be observed by effective distribution, supply and resource management for the case of outsourcing organizations. Among the various roles that telecommunication and information technology does in any organization, providing a link with which conveyance and receipt of information remains the key role.

Transformation, storage and transmission make up the three technology legs. It is critical to note that technology is only effective when there is a proper communication component; organizations with a proper information technology framework have greater processing capabilities in terms of infrastructure and output (Popovski & Nikolic 2015).

In a broader perspective, telecommunication and IT enables firms and individuals to take part in activities that bring them closer to each other and in the long run bring about development.  It reduces the wider gap that exists between the two. It also contributes to improvement of local, national and international security through the intelligence activities that help counter adversaries (Chatterjee, Moody, Lowry, Chakraborty & Hardin 2015).

They also maintain the inventory into vital communication management equipments reducing time and space. This makes it easy to track the systems and avoid redundancies while at the same time supplementing local capabilities. Telecommunication and IT provides a foundation that enhances the communication network in a society. this is through innovations done that leads to the use of the internet, instant messaging through cells phones and most recently the social media that is widely used all over the world. This has led to integration of how we carry out our day to day activities.

One major problem that poses threat to telecommunication and IT is the future anticipations. The society today relies majorly on the technological advances in coming up with new ways, it is however not easy to predict what will come about past the technological advances that are in place today. for instance before the innovations in the internet earlier on no one could foresee the successes that will be up after it takes root as today.



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