Sample Paper on The impact of Beatles on the Soviet youth culture

The impact of Beatles on the Soviet youth culture

2.1: Thesis Statement

Aspects that distinguish one culture from the other include norms, values, artifacts and most importantly, language that influence the perception of particular population about life. Culture is influenced by different factors such as music, art and the form of governance. In the Soviet Union, the youth were uncivilized until the emergence of Beatles in the 1960s that transformed the culture to a great extent. The lyrics, music and fashion adopted by the Beatles influenced the language, freedom and economic status of the youth in the Soviet Union.

2.2: Topic sentence 1

The lyrics used by the Beatles were mainly in English and this influenced the popularity of the language in the region. The language influenced the social interactions among the youth, making it easier for them to exchange their ideas more easily.

2.3: Topic sentence 2

The music played by the Beatles made the Soviet youth realize that they did not have to observe their parents culture. The youth learnt that they could express themselves in a different way from the older generation. This enhanced civilization in the country as the youth adopted western culture.

2.4: Topic sentence 3

The mode of dressing adopted by the Beatles influenced among other things, the economic development of the Soviet youth. Some of the youth pursued careers in diverse fields including fashion and design that led to their economic empowerment. It is through the economic empowerment that some culture such as adoption of modern technologies among the youth was enhanced.

2.5: Conclusion

The Beatles influenced the behavior of the Soviet youth through the introduction of popular culture that included English language, freedom of expression and economic empowerment.


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