Sample Paper on The Desk Fan as a Physiological Need

Desk Fan as a Physiological Need

Considering Abraham Maslow’s theory, the desk fan fits in the physiological need. In this stage, various needs that should be met or satisfied include food, air, water and sleep. People are motivated in different ways depending on the needs to be satisfied or achieved. Some people are motivated when they have security and basic needs while others may be motivated with the presence of social and self-actualization needs. According to Maslow, five fundamental needs should be filled in a hierarchical nature. In Maslow’s assertions, self-actualization is the highest in hierarchy with physiological needs being the least. As such, it is important to first meet the physiological needs before safety, belonging or self esteem in that order

The desk fan is a good choice as it mainly helps in cooling the body temperatures. The desk fan provides air conditioning facilities to keep rooms comfortable and cool. Since air is a physiological need, the fan serves as a motivator in ensuring that people are able to breathe properly in rooms. The desk fan comes with various features that are vital in ensuring that this need is achieved. First, the fan has speed settings that can be adjusted according to an individual’s comfort. As such, an individual may increase or reduce the velocity at which air circulates in a room. Secondly, the presence of timers enables an individual to set the duration for air circulation accordingly. Thirdly, the fan has a remote that enables ease of access to its features by touching buttons. In addition, the fan can easily be moved around since it is portable. With these features, the desk fan meets any person’s physiological air needs through the comfortable cooling system.