Sample Paper on The Concept of Social Work and Human Services


The concept of social work and human services is about ensuring the well-being of the individual within the society. This entails elimination of poverty, ensuring that people have access to affordable health care and education. Social work also entails the gender equality especially ensuring that women are recognized and that their rights are not violated in the society.

How does this article relate to the weekly concept?

The article relates with the weekly concept of social work and human services in that it expounds on the issues of social work such as ethics to be observed. The article explores the role of social workers in ensuring the promotion of human rights as well discussing the cultural issues in social work. The article also puts social issues in to perspective by examining the theory of social constructionism hence explaining the theoretical foundation of social work.  The article also explains the post-modern concerns about social work hence allowing society to appreciate the important role of social work (Witkin, 9).

Why do you think this article is important? What is its significance locally, nationally,

or globally?

The article is important because explores the different cultures that exist locally and globally therefore helping the social worker to contextualize the intervention strategies involved in problem solving. This is because cultures influence certain problems, for example, in solving the HIV/AIDS related problems, culture is very important. This is because while condoms may be accepted in America, the same could be rejected in some communities in developing countries due to their beliefs.

Do you think this concept or article matters? Explain

This articles matters because it explains the theoretical foundation of social work as well as the modern issues that affect social work. It also explains the ethical issues that should guide social workers.

Should others read this article? Why or why not?

Yes, others should read this article so as to understand the role of social work in the society and how they could partner to improve the welfare of their communities.


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