Sample Paper on The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


One of the government agencies that have been on the forefront of community education is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Falling under the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the CDC has especially worked with other agencies as well as across the borders in mitigating the spread of pandemic influenza as well as educating the public on ways to stop the spread of the disease (Qualls et al., 2017).

As part of the HHS, the CDC has been on the fore front for the prevention and treatment of pandemic influenza, taking part in not only developing treatment and vaccines for the different strains of influenza, but also in other programs and services within its mandate (HHS, 2015). As a government agency, CDC has programs and services spanning environmental health, disease prevention, treatment and mitigation, as well as partnership programs and services. For pandemic influenza, CDC has rolled out a program aimed at sensitizing the public on the mitigation of pandemic influenza. Known as Interim Pre-pandemic Planning Guidance, the program is a collaboration among different health stakeholders including CDC, HHS, federal agencies as well as other partners in health including business, healthcare, schools, and the private sector in rolling out the program known as the nonpharmaceutical interventions for the mitigation of influenza pandemic (CDC, 2007).

In carrying out its programs and services, the CDC received funding from the US government through direct appropriations. The appropriations are usually for specific programs including Global HIV/AIDS, Global Disease Detection and Emergency Response, Parasitic Disease and Malaria among others. The CDC also receives funding from Congressional appropriations through transfers from US government agencies including the Department of State, USAID, and Department of Defense. Individuals, charity organizations, and MNCs also extend funding to the CDC.




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