Sample Paper on Tarrant County Program: Performance Standards

Performance standards were set based on the expected child outcomes and the available resources and operational procedures for the program. Accordingly, performance standards are based on the principles of early childhood intervention, which are aimed at ensuring that children’s rates of growth in key developmental areas are improved, and the opportunities and intervention effects are multiplied. Additionally, such intervention is supposed to increase the returns on all expenditures pertaining to children. For this program, the performance standards were based on various pre-determined outcomes namely, positive socio-emotional skill development; acquisition and use of knowledge and skills; and the use of appropriate behaviors to meet the children’s needs. Through every day experiences, provision of necessary resources and supports and support to family members and caregivers, children’s performance in growth and development can be monitored also with focus on the developmental milestones presented by Royse, Thyer, and Padgett (2010).

In the program, the performance standard for positive social-emotional skills was described through the ability of the children to relate well with other children as well as with adults. The measures of good performance include response to stressful situations and analysis and comprehension of emotions. The standard for the acquisition of knowledge and skills was based on the developmental stages as described by Adams and Tapia (n.d.), particularly on the key activities that children should be able to perform at different stages of growth and intervention. Performance on the use of appropriate behaviors to meet needs focused on the social behaviors portrayed by children when in need. Common behaviors such as feeding, sleeping, and self-care capabilities also helped in evaluating performance and were used as the control point for this outcome.


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