Sample Paper on Summary of a Speaker’s Talk on career choices

Summary and Reflection of a Speaker’s Talk on career choices

The speaker is giving a talk on career choices as well as presenting oneself to the prospective employers. She describes student pure health education as an important aspect of her academic life as she has been able to achieve much. She recommends her listeners to undertake pure health education as there are many opportunities as well as many places to undertake internship.

Among the topics that are involved in this topic include sex and relationship. The presenter also talks about etiquette and maintaining a professional image not only in the professional field but also at the learning environment. She gives her own account on how she has maintained a professional tone in a number of her engagements and they have done wonders. She encourages her listeners to maintain put relations when dealing with their professors.

She advises her listeners that opportunities are sought and they should consider seeking them instead of waiting for them to come at their comfort zones. She advises her colleagues to develop interest in things that they can easily familiarize themselves with. She also advises them to always make their priorities right when seeking an employment position.

She advises the listeners on career choices in different field   for masters and Undergraduate programmes depending on their flexibility and personal interests. For Masters Programmes in some countries like England are flexible for the students as they provide students with adjustable programmes. She also advises the student on how some programmes that give the students firsthand experience in their fields of interest such as the class that is to visit Zambia during summer.

Business programmes attract a great number of students but the career choices for these students are quite limited as compared to other social sciences which are less technical. The career opportunities in business require self motivated individuals who do have emotional lapses. First learners are required to submit to their seniors to be advised without showing an inferiority complex.

Academic programmes for individuals that want to pursue PhD in different fields must be directly connected with the post graduate or doctoral programmes that were done in previous sections. she explains that education in today’s society is wide to the fact that some new causes have been introduced to teach students on ways of carrying themselves for instance alcohol education that aims at discouraging alcohol abuse among students.  She also tackles presentation of oneself before attending interviews. Before going for an interview one should make that the attire he/she chooses is one which comfortably fits the body.

It is also advisable that one checks him/herself out before proceeding for an interview to ensure that they are indeed presentable. She further handles the case of sexual assault and attires that people put on. Female individuals are faulted for wearing seductively when attending official functional without considering their professionalism. She advises that proper dressing can help reduce cases of sexual abuse as there will be a reduction in tempting situation.

Drug and substance abuse is another aspect that the presenter tackles. Creating awareness on the negative impacts of drugs and substances can greatly assist in managing the drug and alcohol menace as a lot of individuals engage in substance abuse for the wrong reasons. She finalizes by wishing the listeners all the best in their career progressions while encouraging them to attend the upcoming career fair.