Sample Paper on Storytelling and collaboration

Storytelling and collaboration

The most important lesson learned from Denning’s talk is that storytelling is one of the most powerful ways of making people embrace a new idea or innovation. He argues that stories when used in an effective manner, that is, when the stories told are true, are positive in tone, and are told in a strange way, it is likely that they will have an impact on the targeted audience. On the other hand, the most important lesson learned from Ridley’s talk is that exchange or collaboration plays a crucial role in life as it creates a momentum for creation and paves the way for innovation. Ridley believes that technological advancement seen in recent centuries is as a result of an exchange of ideas among human beings.

Storytelling has been used in several platforms especially at the workplace. From a personal point of view, the use of storytelling at one point in life enabled me to convince the top managers in my organization of the need to embrace customer service. I gave them a story of another organization that had tripled in profits and revenue generation after embracing customer service, and this was the turning point in my organization. As such, the importance, usefulness, and power of storytelling in various perspectives of life cannot be undermined.

Storytelling is also phenomenal to organizations, and Denning’s one-minute story underscores this. The primary goal here is to give a brief story on the model of Denning’s one-minute story.  Denning focused on informing his audience about the importance or appreciating employees at the workplace. He gave a story about organizations that are profitable because of valuing their employees and those that are less successful because of failing to appreciate employees. Through the storytelling techniques, Denning managed to convince his audience of the importance of motivating and appreciating employees.