Sample Paper on Social Work and Human Services

Social Work and Human Services

Social work and human services refer to all activities involved in providing care and support to respective individuals in society. Considerably, intervention methods are the selected activities carried out to the individuals, referred to as the targets, to help solve their challenges. For example, an intervention can include offering guidance and counseling services, offering therapy, donations, support, and rehabilitation services. Such intervention may target drug and gambling addicts, the aged, the poor, the depressed, and also people living with disabilities.

Effect of Intervention without Targets

Interventions without target serve little purpose as it leads to waste of time and resources which would have otherwise assisted the individuals. Notably, some of these interventions, such as medicines and hiring specialists or professionals to help the sick and traumatized, can be expensive to acquire. If such resources are underutilized or not utilized in time, wastage occurs, and that denies the benefit to the deserving participants (Baldwin et al., 2016). The financial and material resources wasted when purchasing these services could have been used to provide more meaningful services to other deserving targets.

Additionally, if the professional skills and knowledge are underutilized, it leads to redundancy in the community. As such, intervention methods such as guidance and counseling require prior assessment and analysis of aspects to ensure the success of social work (Higgins et al., 2017). When such as skills are not put into practice, the professional becomes redundant, and the recipient continues to suffer and get affected. Therefore, such redundancy lowers productivity and negatively impacts on the performance of the intervention programs.

Lastly, lack of family and friend support towards the aged and the physically challenged people makes these individuals feel discriminated and stigmatized by society. It also leads to low self-esteem and depression among the group, resulting in mental problems and further bodily harm to that group (Higgins et al., 2017). Moreover, discrimination in society damages the relationship among community members disrupts peace and breeds hatred and conflict. It also creates an unconducive environment for any intervention program to be implemented effectively. Considerably, interventions without targets are wasteful, inefficient and serve little purpose.




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