Sample Paper on Review the Movie “Four Rooms” 1995

Review the movie “Four Rooms” 1995

           Four Rooms is an omnibus film with segments directed by four filmmakers. It tries to depict events likely to happen in hotel rooms on Eve of New Year. The film uses chat, sexual deviant and celeb appearance to develop its plot. The film revolves around, Tim Roth (Ted) as a hotel attendant, where he is victimized by hotel guests in each of the four short films.

In the first segment, the missing Ingredient, written and directed by Allison Anders, characters include; Sammi Davis  (Jezebel), Amanda de Cadenet (Diana), Valeria Golino (Athena), Madonna (Eslpeth), Ione Skype (Eva), Lili Taylor (Raven) and Alicia Witt (Kiva) .

This short film is more of x-rated and offensive as there are acts of sex and profanity that do not add up to creativity. A group of witches take the centre stage in an attempt to revive the spirit of a stripper, while all ingredients such as mother’s milk, virgin’s blood are ready there is no sperm sample. Thus, since Witch Eva failed to bring his vital components of the concoction, she has to seduce Ted and get the semen. Later the witches complete the ritual and Diana comes from the kettle. This story lacks coherent and competent acting due to the mess in the film despite of witches raising their beloved witch.

The next film is Wrong Man directed by Alexander Rockwell and characters includes; Jennifer Beals (Angela) and David Proval (Sigfried).

Sigfried gags and ties her wife (Angela) to a chair and threatens her with a gun. Domestic spat ensues as the woman accuses the man of infidelity. Ted arrives and is caught hostage as the husband accuses him of sleeping with his wife. Ted is caught in the window though he manages to escape with the arrival a guest looking for the room. While the director aimed to make this episode funny, I believe it is not effective or provocative.

The third film is Misbehavers by Robert Rodriquez and acted by Antonio Banderas (Man), Lana McKissack (Sarah), Patricia Vonne Rodriquez (Corpse), Tamyln Tomita (Wife), Danny Verduzzo (Juancho) and Salma Hayek (TV dancing girl).

This film shows rare trait of humor and creativity that lacked in the opening two segments with the involvement of gangster Antonio Banderas. He acts a family man who opts to romance his wife as Ted takes a huge tip to baby-sit Antonio’s two small children. Lana tells Ted to report her brother Danny for misbehaving though Ted seems terrified with their father’s character. This film livened up the audience and is comic thanks to Banderas.

Finally, the man from Hollywood is directed by Quentin Tarantino who also takes the main acting role as Chester and other actors are; Jennifer Beals (Angela), Paul Calderon (Norman).

This film is based on adapted old TV series where a gambler, Norman bets his finger that he can start a lighter ten times in a row without missing. As a result, Ted is hired to settle this bet and he wields an ax ready to cut Norman’s finger in case he fails to start the lighter, if he wins he gets the car. The film revolves around settling the bet. There is also conversation on various issues such as pop culture and drink. This film runs for 20 minutes though it seems to drag while its conclusion is lively.

In summary, the film is indecent due to the use of bad language, nudity, and sexual overtone. In addition, the film failed to live up to its expectation despite of being directed by celebrated film writers and directors. As a result, I would not recommend this film because it has poor plot and flow say for the Misbehavers, which was the best of the four films.