Sample Paper on Response on Computer Technologies

Computers have become an interesting subject as a result of the possibilities the field presents. Hence, everyone should be concerned about computers, since they have revolutionized the way individuals conduct their day-to-day activities. The computer technologies are expected to bring radical changes in the manufacturing, agricultural, and medical sector. The above topic is worth considering as it analyses the impact of technology and explains how computers have appeared to be reliable tools for storing information (Siegler n.p.). Also, computers have reframed the concepts of artificial technology as explored in the site According to the site, computers are expected to drive the future and influence the way human beings connect with one another by enhancing the innovation of technologies that will make life easier.

My classmate, Bingru Zheng thoughts on the computer technology are it has made communication easy and fast. He demonstrates this by making a video call to his friend in different country. He applauds the introduction of e-commerce which allows us to order goods online and they are delivered at our doorsteps. According to him computer technology has not only made our lives better but also united the world.

Over the years, computers have evolved into the modern highly powerful machines utilizing quantum chips which are believed to rearrange the computing world. This will create a ripple effect on major functions such as banking, HR management, urban development, and communication (Bergerand&Benedikt 43). Computers, therefore, have had a positive impact in the society as they have enabled people and businesses to perform various operations that would be impossible without them, for instance, in the storage and retrieval of sensitive information. In addition, computers have enhanced human interactions through breaking previous barriers to communication such as distance (Bergerand &Benedikt 40). Various computer technologies, for instance, robots, have had a positive impact on the contemporary society. The robots are able to perform tasks that were initially considered impossible for human beings to execute. Besides, computers continue contributing positively to the education sector by promoting e-learning and faster dissemination of information.



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