Sample Paper on Nursing Informatics

Nursing Informatics

Nursing informatics is the integration of the nursing skills and information with the communication through technology to enhance the health of the people. This aims at achieving a health care system that meets the requirement and the rights of the patient (Patterson et al., 1992). This is of importance because it opens up the necessary information and data to the nurses that will help improve their skills and help to ease their work in monitoring for the critical signs in patients.

As a nurse in emergency duty, this applies to me in many ways. First, it helps in the detection of patient’s locality. For example, the chip will indicate the position for whoever has an emergency whenever called upon (Englebardt & Nelson, 2002). The mobile clinics as well will help in the management of the patient even during the transfer to the health center after an emergency – this will reduce the number of deaths. The kept information is also useful in orientation for the nurse on the method of giving of drugs to the patient to avoid risking their lives.

This is also essential because the medical history of the patient is easily found without taking a lot of time to do the inquiries and the patient will be attended to faster. Robots used to give drugs will ease practitioners’ workload and offer cooperation thus making the work easier (Saba, 2001). Moreover, other applications such as that for telehealth will help in running and frequent checking of conditions that are chronic such as the mental health, and this will assist me as a nurse to attend to other situations. As a nurse attending to emergencies, nursing informatics is the key to the achievement of the best health practices efficiently.




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