Sample Paper on Non-Sterile Compounding and Repackaging

Since learning Non-Sterile Compounding and Repackaging, I have instigated multiple measures aimed at incorporating its implementation into a daily routine. To ensure the preparation safety of drugs in my environment, I have a calm and dedicated space that allows me to maximize automation and I also use technology interfaced with the records. I have also put in place measures of hygiene. Specific attention is paid to washing hands and cleaning the equipment used. For activities with associated risks, I put in a plan of measures to prevent the risks through double-checking, wearing secure clothing, and maintaining inventory. Further, to establish a healthy pharmacy environment, I observe the regulations on the labeling of compounds as well as the standards in force. I also try to avoid any handwritten inscriptions on the labels. In labeling, I use auxiliary labels to attract the attention, identify the associated risks, including information on storage, and label each unit served.

I also prepare the repackaged compounds in bunches and label them. I select packaging that links to the use of the compound and minimizes the risks related to the compound’s use. Additionally, I ensure that packaging is safe and easy to open. It is important to ensure that the chosen package helps to protect the integrity of the compound and respects the recommendations of the manufacturer. For purposes of efficiency, I have also incorporated automation, more particularly barcoding for application during compound preparation and checks. In this regard, I have an electronic verification workflow system on checking and evaluation throughout the process. In essence, I take great caution to ensure that all standards are included in the process and more especially, safety procedures.