Sample Paper on Management Structure for WWE

Management Structure for WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is an entertainment industry that majorly deals in professional wrestling. Its tasks are in the sports entertainment industry. Other key sources of revenue for the company include film, music, direct product services, and product licensing (Creatly 1). Being the biggest professional writing globally, it has approximately 14 million viewers in the United States. It also broadcasts its shows in approximately 30 languages to approximately 145 notions. Its headquarters is situated in Stamford in Connecticut. It has approximately 660 workers. Wrestling is the major business of the company and this is what has made it an international company (Org Chart World Wrestling Entertainment 1).The company has a big library of videos, showing a significant percentage of the visual history of professional wrestling. The organization was established in 1952 as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation limited. Its name was later on changed to World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. in 1982 and it finally became World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. in 2002 (Seward 1).

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has six executives managed by Vince McMahon who is the chairman and the Chief executive Officer (Management paradise 1). There are five executives under the chairman and they include the following: the chief financial officer under the leadership of George Barrios, the Executive vice President of WWE programming under the leadership of Kevin Dunn, the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative under the leadership of Paul Levesque (Consero 1). He is charged with the responsibility of managing global recruitments and live international events.  Another level is that of the Chief Marketing Officer headed by Michelle Wilson. Lastly, the Chief Brand Officer of the company is Stephanie McMahon. She is accountable for working with the business units of WWE to support major growth enterprises (wwwCorporate 1). They work together with the company’s CEO to ensure that it is successful.

Each of the above categories has three departments that are under their control. The Senior Advisor of Business Strategy- Basil Devito, the Executive Vice President of Television Production- Will Staeger, the Senior Vice President, and Secretary- Laura Brevetti. They report directly to the chief financial officer (Shetty 1). Furthermore, the Executive Vice president of Programming- Matthew Singerman, Line Producer-John Linza, and Head Producer-Michael Seitz are answerable to the Executive Vice president of Programming. Additionally, the Senior Vice President of operations for Live Events—Jane Geddes, the Senior Vice President of Creative Writing—Eddie Feldman, and the Head of Talent relations—Sean Cleary report arising issues in the company directly to the Executive Vice President of talents, events, and creativity.

The Executive Vice President Digital Media—Eddie Perkins, the Executive Vice President Consumer Products—Casey Collins, the Investor Relations—Michael Weitz are under the management of the Chief Marketing Officer—Michelle Wilson (Middletton 1). The last category include the following managers; the Senior Vice President Creative and development—Ed Pankowski, Creative Consultant Brian Gewirtz and the Head Writer/show runner Raw and Smackdown—David Kapoor are under the leadership of the Chief Brand officer—Stephanie McMahon.



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