Sample Paper on Introduction to Marketing : Persuasion

Introduction to Marketing : Persuasion

In this paper, I will discuss the aspects of the concept of persuasion, which is one of the main elements of marketing. Persuasion involves the direct interaction and contact with customers to convince them on the quality and usefulness of the products offered. The aspects of persuasion seek to establish a mutuality of interests. This indicates that sales people will always seek to create a relationship with their clients. This is important in creating trust with the people.

Persuasion also leads to the delivery of message directly to the consumers. Thus, it enables the sales persons to convince and inform the customers of all the information relating to the products and services. The section also indicates the importance of convincing customers. In spite of the brand name and advertising campaigns invested by the company, convincing helps in winning more customers. It is also clear that customers are more convinced by the reasons provided to them directly and which they understand easily.

Companies should conduct in-depth research on the subject of persuasion. This is because persuasion is one of the main arts of marketing.  For instance, many scholars have argued that persuasion science that requires the use of scientific and psychological factors. However, I was able to understand that science is simple that is associated with an understanding of the people’s motivation. One of the notable aspects of persuasion is telling stories. People who tell the best stories are successful at customer persuasion. Through storytelling, the salespeople are to give an account and expression of the benefits that can be obtained from the products and services being sold. Therefore, persuasion is a significant element of the marketing process.