Sample Paper on Impact of pollution on Ecosystem WebQuest

WebQuest is an online induced learning tool for a project-based teaching and the technique aid students in developing their knowledge through the tasks outlined so as to find an answer to a problem (Nathai-Balkissoon, Marcia, and Sean 100). As such, the topic being environmental pollutions, scholars have just concluded studying impacts of pollution on the ecosystem and realized there is a part that the textbook did not discuss pertaining to the subject matter.


The students are to develop a three-page presentation to explore on impacts of pollution to the ecosystem. The assignment is to entail pictures, texts, and pleasing to look at and findings are to be presented in class.


The students are to utilize the links provided on their worksheet and gather the information to help in answering the assignment. Learners will take notes on their think sheets on what to include in the presentation then open a document to develop the presentation.

Air contamination:

Water pollution:

Soil pollution:

Noise pollution:

Noise pollution:


Students are to use the available computers in the school to accomplish the assignment and creating the presentation. Notably, the project will be incorporated during the time of presentation.


Students are expected to work independently to finish the assignment and develop a presentation as it will enhance insight understanding of the topic. Importantly, one has to attain a minimum score of 80% to be determined proficient in this assessment.

  Beginning (10) Developing (40) Accomplished (100) Total Scores (100)
Information Some of the materials are present, however, there is lack of information flow. At least five facts are incorporated and there is chronology in information and credit to the source. More than five facts are used, credit to the source, and information is flowing.  
Images One environmental picture is copied and pasted and no acknowledgement to the source, Two images are incorporated with credit to the source on each page. Many pictures are used with credit given to the source on each page  
Grammar Numerous words are misspelled, punctuations are not used correctly. Misspelled words and incorrect grammar does not exceed a page. No spelling mistakes nor punctuation errors  
Visual appearance There is only use of texts and pictures properly placed. Only one extra thing is done on each page to enhance appearance More than one thing is incorporated in the assignment such as font, bordering, and centering.  

Source: Self-generated


After accomplishing this WebQuest, the scholars will have insight informative materials on the effects of pollution on the ecosystem and human health. Importantly, they will comprehend that pollution has a significant impact on the environment as it can lead to the extinction of various plant species and enhance diseases in human.




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