Sample Paper on How to Share the Gospel

How to Share the Gospel

The mission of all Christians in the world is to draw the world to Christ. They were given a duty to be fishers of fellow men. This duty was given to Christians of all generations and is meant to be for all the time. However, Christians have continuously ignored this duty.  According to Larry Moyer, they have become keepers of the aquarium instead of fishers of men. Being fishers of men means taking the gospel to all people across the world (Moyer 11). This is a review of how to spread the gospel.

Mayor’s focus is on how to make the evangelistic message reach everyone in the most practical way possible.  He first gives a view of how to pass this great message to one’s relatives and, on the same note, he focuses on how to make children understand the gospel. Apart from that, he also gives an insight of how to respond to non-believers. He understands that the first people to take the great message of Christ to are one’s own family members. This can then pave the way of reaching out to the rest of the world (Moyer 56)

Larry Moyer acknowledges that Christians need to understand the diversity in a population (Jonathan, Michael & Rick 9). Moreover, he understands that evangelism takes different forms. He, therefore, spends a good amount of space discussing the motives of evangelism. The better part of this section contains a discussion of those mistakes people usually make while going out to preach. He equally understands that people sometimes backslide and, for this reason, he takes the time to discuss how to get assurance of salvation. This is for the people who are struggling with their faith and are on the verge of giving up. The book gives the best guide on how to evangelize and therefore it is practical and presented conversationally making it easy to understand.



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