Sample Paper on How Positive Thinking Affects Personality

How Positive Thinking Affects Personality

“The sky is the limit.”  Undeniably, people who keep such a perspective towards life are happier and more successful in life. Such people prefer looking at the brighter side of life rather than dwelling on the dull side. This affects their opinions about themselves, the environment and the people around them. Positive thinking means handling life’s obstacle in a productive way. Most of the unspoken thoughts in an optimists mind are positive. Leading a lifestyle of positive thinking enhances one’s reaction to situations, resulting in: improved self-esteem, better social and personal interactions, achievement of set goals as well as general happiness in life.

The outlook with which people view life and how they respond to situations is greatly connected to their personality. For instance, optimists will always expect the best out of a situation. They are able to build their confidence through their ‘I can’ attitude with which they view life. This attitude motivates them to face a situation in a productive way, resulting into self satisfaction. In addition, the magnitude of positive thoughts flowing through an optimists’ mind is higher than that of the negative thoughts. Among those thoughts, are the unspoken personal thoughts about themselves. This implies that, there is a greater chance that optimists think more positively of themselves. Such positive personal thoughts play a crucial part in improving the self confidence of the optimist.

People’s way of thinking greatly affects their social life, and the kind of relationships they build with those around them. Practicing positive thinking makes a person to become open minded. This gives optimists the ability to appreciate the strength and flaws of those around them. Consequently, they are able to bring the best out of others as well as themselves. Besides, optimists are less prejudiced and disapproving of themselves and others. As a result, they are able to advance their private lives and build solid and lasting relationships with those around them.

Due to their open mindedness, optimists have unrestricted exploration of possibilities. They have the capacity to fit their past experiences into their future life. As a result, they build up skills that grow into useful talents. These talents are vital in the achievement of set goals and success. Additionally, optimists have the ability to cope with stressful situations which arise when they are pursuing their goals. This reduces the harmful health effect of stress on positive thinkers, rendering them more capable of pursuing their goals. It is therefore evident that positive thinking helps in achievement of set goals and success. Accordingly, achievement of set goals and success stimulates self satisfaction, joy and gratification. These in turn lead to happiness in life.

It is evident that positive thinking is a significant trait of personality. It broads the sense of prospects and opens the mind for more options when facing a situation. This gives the optimist an attitude of possibility which in turn leads to improved self confidence and satisfaction. Additionally, the optimists are less prejudiced and judgmental and they are therefore able to appreciate themselves and others. This helps them in building solid and lasting relationships. Moreover, positive thinking helps reduce the effects of stress on health, and aids in development of talents. These two aspects fuel the achievement of set goals and success, which in turn leads to a happy life.