Sample Paper on Hiring and retaining women in law enforcement agencies

Hiring and retaining more women in law enforcement agencies

One of the fields where the women are poorly represented is in the law enforcement agencies. Majority of the officers in the sector are male and this has both positive and negative implications. Increasing the number of women officers in policing would have great impact on the productivity of the male officers. The performance of the male officers is likely to improve due to the improved morale at the work place. The female officers are said to be equally productive as their male counterparts. Increasing the number of women in the sector implies an increase in the overall productivity. The men are also likely to be influenced by women to use more effective means of communication while dealing with criminals and this has a positive impact on their productivity. Research shows that unlike the male officers, women have better methods of making the criminals cooperate without using violent means. Female officers are more creative and flexible in their management styles unlike their male counterparts who use authoritarian management style that may be counterproductive. Increasing the number of women in policing has the potential to influence male officers to use less authoritative management style.

However, the increase in the number of female officers in the workforce is likely to change the way the male officers manage their work. The flexibility of the female officers in management may influence the male officers negatively. The male officers may develop stricter means of managing making their productivity worse. The male officers who may not have developed the art of using effective communication to deal with criminal cases may become unproductive. The increase of female officers implies that there would be less use of physical techniques in the services. The male officers may shy away from using the physical force but their productivity may be below average, especially if they lack good communication skills.

It is important to hire and retain women employees in the law enforcement agencies so as to improve the situation of domestic violence. Most of the perpetrators of the violence are male and this may be the reason that the law enforcement agencies have not been able to control the crime. In the United States,approximately two to three million women are assaulted by men annually.The male officers are not likely to empathize with the domestic violence victims due to gender bias. They may not find anything wrong in the assault and some of them may also be perpetrators in the crimes. The few female officers in the agencies cannot influence reforms in domestic violence laws but increasing them in the workforce is likely to have a positive impact in ending crime. The reforms are likely to increase the confidence of the citizens in the law enforcement agencies. The domestic violence victims report assault incidents more when they feel that justice will prevail. The reforms influenced by the female officers are thus likely to lead to more reports on domestic violence incidences thus enhancing the control of the crime. The good communication skills that the female officers possess may help in the fight against domestic violence. The officers may hold public meetings to sensitize the society on the evils of domestic violence. This is likely to reduce the number of domestic violence cases. It is therefore important to attract, hire and retain more women in law enforcement agencies.