Sample Paper on Geology – Reducing carbon footprint

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases measured in tons, emitted by an organization, event, product or individual directly or indirectly. Everyone’s carbon footprint is different depending on their location, habits and preferences. We all contribute to the greenhouse gas emissions either by the way we travel, the food we eat, the amount of electricity we consume etc. We can reduce our footprint by changing the way we live, even tiny changes can make a significant difference. Below are some of the changes I will make to specifically reduce my carbon footprint.

First I will be a smart eater. I will make deliberate and right food choices, by buying locally and seasonal organic food. I will grow vegetables in my kitchen garden, and go slow on meat. Additionally, avoid wasting food and choose products with eco-friendly packaging. How will these help, first I will be healthier. Moreover reducing consumption of animal products will lead to reduced CO2 and methane emissions produced by animals. Furthermore fresh locally grown seasonal food will use less energy to produce and reduce “food miles” as it uses less fuel in delivery.

Subsequently I will reduce energy use at home, by cutting back on power needs and use energy saving bulbs. I will weatherize my home and turn off heaters and air conditioners when not needed. Also turn off and unplug all the appliances such as computer, TV and lights when not in use. This will save the cost of energy as well as significantly reduce carbon emissions around me.

Finally I will travel green; driving safely, avoiding high speeds. I will consider cycling, walking, car-pooling, and public transport more. As well as combine several errands into a single trip when possible. I will keep my car well maintained, so it can run cleanly and efficiently. All these efforts will reduce fuel consumption and my CO2 emissions.