Sample Paper on False Assumptions and Errors in Business

False Assumptions and Errors in Business

My cleaning agency was offered a tender at a particular private hospital. My experience in the tender made me understand that false assumption can result in major errors in organizations. It is essential that before an individual makes an assumption, they critically analyze the events or situations at hand. My working environment depicted numerous challenges given the fact that a majority of the patients had either mental or physical disability. My greatest assumption while at the hospital was that the old individuals do not care about their dignity and that they are not modest. My other assumption was that the nurses were supposed to be taking care of the opposite gender only.

I came to realize how false these assumptions were. With several people aware of what and how I viewed the operations at the hospital, they expressed discomfort with my presence. Major operational errors were witnessed with nurses administering inappropriate medications to patients and patients, especially the old ones, expressing low self-esteem and confidence levels. In the real sense, my assumptions seemed to cause more harm than good to both the hospital’s staff and patients. The fact that my assumptions had significant impacts on the hospital’s operations was seen when an old man brought in by the family. The family questioned the level of commitment from the hospital’s staff and why old men were not attended to like other patients. The family further insisted that only male nurses were to attend to the man thereby ruling out my assumptions that patients were attended to by nurses of the opposite sex only. Of course, the hospital’s management had false assumptions about how and who should attend to patients of a particular gender. This affected productivity and performance of staff at the hospital. An alternative decision that may have brought a satisfactory result in the situation was coming up with new organizational policies that would do away with gender-influenced decisions at the hospital. This would ensure that nurses attend to patients without considering their gender.