Sample Paper on Facing the Workforce of the Future

Facing the Workforce of the Future


There are various reasons why companies are recruiting diverse workforce and they are;

Fresh ideas and perspectives. Workers from varied cultures and backgrounds all bring a particular perspective and fresh ideas on table. This is one of the key benefits of hiring a diverse group of workers. Another benefit is better productivity. If you utilize the various skills and capabilities of your workforce, it will result in better productivity because every worker plays off the weaknesses and strength of other workers (Peile, 2014). Lastly, a diverse workforce has various service capabilities. A diverse group of workers is in a position to offer more to an organization’s partners and customers.

Question 2

When it comes to hiring individuals from varied ethnicities for instance African Americans, or aiming at hiring more women in the workforce, things may be expected to be done differently. Firstly, there is a need for a company to apprehend the significance of a diversified workforce and execute policies concerning this significance. When advertising posts about a vacant position, recruiters must ensure that it doesn’t focus on a specific group whether it is race, sex, or age. Offering benefits for instance, maternity leave would encourage more women to apply for a job.

Question 3

Training is essential for a specific skill, job, or practice. A company should offer a similar training to both males and females if they are going to perform similar responsibilities, and race should not result in any differences (Peile, 2014). If an individual has been recruited in the production department, it should not matter whether they are males or females, they should both receive a similar training for performing a similar job. I don’t think if there should be a specified training for varied sexual orientations or races.



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