Sample Paper on Explaining Active Listening and Conflict Resolution

Explaining Active Listening and Conflict Resolution


Active Listening

Active listening is one concept that I have found to be valuable, it is a way of listening keenly and responding to another person to increase understanding between the parties. It focuses attention on the speaker while the other person listens, the listener must attend to the speaker completely though he/she must not agree with what the speaker is saying or communicating. This concept has several benefits that includes coercing people to listen attentively, avoids misunderstanding between parties and makes people to fully open up and share ideas. Active listening works when the speakers and the listener have something to share, the listener must pay attention in the process. While communication is still going on the listener must prevent any obstacle or roadblock to communication. The listener must also provide feedback of understanding whatever is being shared by the speaker; this will provide evidence that actually the listener is keenly following to the communication. Finally, to ensure successful active listening the listener must decode the message and respond accordingly.

Conflict Resolution

This is a concept that finds a peaceful solution between two or more individual who have had a disagreement arising from personal misunderstanding, financial problems, political affiliations, and emotional problems. To provide a solution to a conflict then negotiation is required to provide a solution that both sides can agree and find ways of improving the relationships between the parties involved in the misunderstanding (Kellett, Peter M. 32). This concept works through first understanding the conflict; the different interests leading to the conflict must be fully understood to provide a starting point and help those providing the solution to know where to start from. Secondly, communicating with the opposing sides; here active listening is important because different opinions leading to the conflict must be well understood. During the communication process both parties will strongly talk about the different emotions, individuals need to be concrete and flexible to the different opinions and perceptions. Third, the parties including the negotiator should start brainstorming and thinking of the possible resolutions, the brainstorming process should involve setting up a meeting with a clear purpose and proper ground rules. Fourth, choose the best solution arising from the organized meeting; the formulated solutions should be sieved so that the best possible ideas is decided upon with the inclusion of both the parties that disagreed that resulted to the conflict.

Explain why those two communication concepts are valuable to you personally. Describe how you have utilized those two communication concepts this semester, either in class or out of class. Specific, real-life examples

Active listening has been valuable to my personality as it has made me improve my listening which is important in class to be able to grasps data and information communicated by the instructors or my peers during group discussions. In cases where instructions have been conducted through movies, poems, songs it has made be understand the concepts first time without repeating. In the process of listening the teacher has been able to give out accurate information in the process developing respectful relations between me and the instructors of the different courses. This concept has also been valuable in preparing me for the future, after graduation I will be able to practice my work and address many assemblies and lectures simply because am a good and active listener. I have successfully utilized the concept by listening keen in our group discussions. I have utilized this concept to follow instruction given by the lecturer to avoid constant revisions on assignments or tests due to missed concepts due to poor listening skills.  I have also made use of my active listening to follow the scriptures in church to get spiritual nourishment which in the process has changed and improved my life.

Conflict resolution has been valuable to me both in class and out since it has been instrumental in helping me build a stronger team work with strengthened relationship. It is a concept that has been instrumental in encouraging an open communication between me, class members and even those outside the school to promote a cooperative problem solving. It is  also valuable as it has tremendously increased my productivity and that other students, in cases where one has conflict with other students it is difficult to communicate in discussions or even borrow a book. This has calmed down issues and provided a focus to a positive direction with a completely supportive environment. I have effectively used this concept both in class and outside for example to provide a solution to two of my classmates who were quarreling because of a football match result that could degenerate into fighting; this concept helped a great deal. The other day a stranger had trespassed in our compound, instead of complicating the issue by calling the police it was effectively solved. Another example is when a section of students in my class failed to do and collect an assignment, the teacher was angry and annoyed. This could result to the teacher awarding low marks and poor grade. The concept ensured that we called a meeting with the teacher, sat down and resolved the issue and misunderstanding.

How the concepts work

Observing Self

This is an important life skills concept that allows individuals to pay attention to their own thoughts, feelings and actions that informs their behaviors. This concept works with first the individuals familiarizing themselves with the original and authentic self then learning to provide a difference and aligning the choices to what actually an individual wants to become. It works when individuals start seeing how their choices are serving them, this can be ascertained through noticing what an individual is doing even when walking. This concept works with allowing individuals choose their actions effectively to make them realize their goals while being emotionally powerful in the process. It works with shedding off of bad behaviors or barriers of individuals that can prevent success and prosperity.


This is another valuable life skill as they are a set of ideals that governs and drive the behaviors of a person; this helps such an individual to determine what has meaning, important and helpful to the individual. To some extent it can allow an individual to express what they actually stand for, it is one of the platforms in which ethical standards and actions are determined. People with good values tend to be involved in good activities resulting to good consequences and hence ethically right actions. They define the characters of individuals in the classroom setting or even the entire community. This concept works with first establishing the good values of integrity, respect, loyalty and responsibility then finding the appropriate ways to integrate them within you. Once they have been integrated and accepted they will constantly be displayed whenever one needs to perform a task or conduct an activity, this will then be mapped onto how people want to run and live their lives.

Explain why those two life skills concepts are valuable to you personally. Describe how you have utilized those two life skills concepts this semester, either in class or out of class. Use Specific real-life examples

Observing self has been valuable to my personality in that it has allowed me align my goals, values to the best possible direction that ensure that I achieve my goals and objectives in life. It has been instrumental in preparing for my self-knowledge that is, helping in understanding my inner self that is also observed by others. This is done through illuminating to light the hidden potentials that I have within myself. For example, through observing myself I discovered that I had great potential in mathematics, something that had been hidden for a long time. With this potential am able to assist the other students tackle mathematical problems easily. It has also been valuable in encouraging and motivating my peers to discover their true self and unlock their potentials in life. For example, my friend was not good in class and through identification of true self he discovered that he had great potential as an artist in drawing. With this he is likely to be successful in life and realize and make his dreams come true.

Values as a life skill have been valuable to my personality, as it has allowed me to interact harmoniously with my family members, students, friends and relatives. The values that I possess have been effectively shared with others members of the community to guide the behaviors and live a satisfactory life. For example, it has helped teach Sunday school children on being tolerant in life thus helping shape the lives and behavior of such children. This concept has also been valuable as it has made me know that it is the pillar of the society, organizations and that it should be maintained and disseminated to other people. For example, one day in church I stood and left my seat for an elderly woman who came to church late, the next Sunday I witnessed other people doing the same for the elderly. Living in harmony in the society and classroom has for example reduced the rate of theft of textbooks in my class.


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