Sample Paper on Education Background and Career Goal

Sample Paper on Education Background and Career Goal

The immeasurable value of education is something that I have understood since a very tender age. It has always been a primary concern for my parents who taught me that if I need to succeed in life I had to pursue education with a lot of seriousness. Following their advice, I have always valued and endeavored to learn the most of any educational opportunity presented to me. Due to their love and sacrifice, I have possessed the capacity to devote time and vitality needed to scholastic achievements in pursuing my long term career dream of pursuing a degree in Economics, despite the fact that due to my economic background, cash has dependably been tight. After studying a degree in economics, I would love to contribute back to the community by coming up with small sustainable business ideas which would provide work opportunity and inspire the youths in my community as I advance through my educational level to later accomplish a doctorate degree in economic planning and development.

In my senior year at High School, I had performed exemplarily well and was accorded salutatorian of my graduating class. In addition to focusing on my education in high school, I acted as a mathematics and science mentor as a way of helping my fellow students achieve fulfilling results in their academics. After graduation I continued with the service of mentoring students by providing motivation speaking sessions in schools and offering tuition serves as way of improving the standards of my community as well as a way of earning a few dollars for my daily upkeep.

Currently, I work as a volunteer in a local private janitorial service provider which has helped me contribute positively in improving the living standards in my community. Consequently, working as a volunteer in the company, I have come to understand the ins and outs of business functionality, the various needs that lack in my community and I have been able to come up with solutions to such challenges. Serving people and coming up with solutions to various problems experienced in the community gives me great satisfaction and a sense of purpose. It would give me greater pleasure if I were able to provide work opportunities to the youth in my community who are perishing from drug and substance abuse as this would enable them contribute in the growth and development of the community positively (Civardi, Marisa, & Franca, 160).

Achievements and Obstacles

During my stay at school I was proactively involved in various mathematical and science based symposium which played a major role in mentoring me to become an accomplished businessman. On the other hand I played various leadership roles in my school and in community organizations programs where I offered mentorship against drug and substance abuse by offering planned social engaging events such as group discussions on effects of substance abuse, organizing monthly garbage and litter collection in the neighborhood for student participants.

My greatest achievement was helping a family member and a few youths to overcome drug addiction in the opioid crisis which has been very devastating and challenging in the contemporarily world, but through perseverance and persistence emphasis on the matters concerning rehabilitation we were able to overcome.  This has seen me have an urge of devoting my life in helping others overcome certain challenges in their life. I believe through education, offering mentorship and brainstorming various business ideas will help overcome these challenges (Čančar, Ivana& Darka, 15). In addition, by pursuing a degree in economist, it will help me set up the pace, be a good example to the rest as well as offer mentorship and employment opportunities as a remedy to those who engage in drugs due to life frustrations and lack of employment. Helping others realize their own potential is very rewarding as it gives me a strong sense of accomplishment.

Volunteer work has always been an activity I love to include in my daily life. As mentioned earlier, I currently work as volunteer at local janitorial service provider, which has greatly empowered my sense of humanitarian purpose as well as offering mentorship in building and growing various business ideas which would positively contribute to the livelihood of the community. However, Living through life in a family and community that is financially challenged is quite challenging. Consequently, overcoming peer influence to engage in drug and substance abuse as well as working as a volunteer without receiving any kind of payments is a few of the challenges that I have endured to realize my dream in changing the livelihood of my community through education.

I hope that by sharing my educational background, life activities and career goals, I have been able to give you a glimpse of my personality and an overview of the personality I endeavor to achieve in future. It is in my expectation that being a graduate in the field of economics and a mentor will continue to a life long journey that I will embark on with a lot of enthusiasm and exemplary devotion.



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