Sample Paper on Design Thinking and Innovation at Apple

Design Thinking and Innovation at Apple

  1. Identify the most important facts surrounding the case

Apple is an innovation company that keeps on introducing destructive strategies in the market to counter attack competition. During the reign of Steve jobs as the Chief executive officer, the organization was able to clinch to the top level in the industry. This case deals with the changing business environment in the technology world. In addition, much emphasize is laid on the innovative strategies such as platform strategy applied by the organization to avert the ordeal.

  1. Identify the key issue or issues

The key issues includes the competitive environment instigated by IBM cloning and growth in the venture capital-driven investment that have seen new entrants into this industry. Cloning has been triggered by the need to increase competition by rival firms who introduces substitute product that resembles apples computers. This reduced the sales of original apples products. Secondly, the opening up of the venture capital investment has accelerated business activities.  Competition intensified especially in the manufacture of computers with great features that customers needed.

  1. Specify alternative courses of action

In an effort to counter attack the increased cloning of its’ Imac and other goods, apples engaged in an endeavor to license its projects. This would allow the company to hold and maintain the legal patent right for some of its co-products. Trade secret operations were kept and held in secrecy to avoid further cloning. The suppliers of apples items were also cautioned against disclosure of crucial information such as introduction of new products. On the other hand, the company under the leadership of Steve jobs initiated a platform strategy that is not only cost effective but also efficient. It enables apples pursue its dreams and aspirations of offering simplified and elegant products that customers love.

  1. Evaluate each course of action


Having to license patent rights is not an end to itself in the sense that competition depends on the marketing strategies undertaken by rival firms. This is the reason behind Steve jobs intervention about the issue. He stopped this project and introduced strategies such as interactive customer involvement and bold experimentation. Some of these initiatives have led to the improvement of existing products through the inclusion of additional features.

Platform strategy

The move was executed in consideration to the increase in the number of players in the technology industry. Apples goods would now be availed at a more considerate price which was relatively cheaper than rival goods. However, it would not replace quality for simplicity. The reuse of the materials and the application of the production and manufacturing line in multitasking, improved the overall performance for apple. Thus, cost of operation is kept at the lowest level possible.

  1. Recommend the best course of action

I would recommend that the business entity go for platform and other related strategies. This is because of the fact that the ordeal help strengthen trade and result to competitive advantage. Focusing in the key competencies such as simplicity in terms of product use and design will serve apples better not just in the short run period but also in the long run period. This goes hand in hand with investment in creating and manufacturing goods that go beyond the usual fashion such as being sleek. This aids in the process of branding and rebranding products.