Sample Paper on Children Living in Poverty, Health, and Education hardship

The world is made up of different classes of people, some poor while others are rich. Among the rich people, life is smooth with quality medical cover and good education for their children. They are not aware of the hardships that the poor people and their children are facing. Valuing the world’s diversity ensures peaceful coexistence between the poor and rich in the population. However, the effects of poverty, especially to the children, are depressing and call for an immediate solution (Brooks-gun and Greg 55). This essay provides some critical thoughts on the effects of poverty on children’s health and education.

Poverty can have a direct effect on a child’s health and education. According to Ferguson et al, a poor parent may not afford school fees for their children, which may lead to school dropouts (701). Children may also forego school to assist their poor parents in sourcing income for the family. Further, children from poor families are prone to illnesses, which may increase their chances of dropping out of school. They do not feed on a balanced diet, as their families prefer the cheap, though unhealthy foods in the market. This, as explained by Brooks-gun and Greg, predisposes them to diseases and lifestyle conditions, such as diabetes (58). Whenever they fall sick, their parents may not afford quality medical care since they hardly subscribe to medical cover schemes.

The poor children may remain poor even in adulthood if their hardships are not mediated. The responsibility of alleviating poverty and taking care of poor families should not be left to the government and authorities. It is ethical for every member of society to take up the role of saving fellow human beings. For example, the rich should launch initiatives of assisting the poor peoples in their neighborhood.


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