Sample Paper on An Interview with an Entrepreneur

Interview with an Entrepreneur

Interview with Kate Morgan, a successful Indian Entrepreneur

It was a rare opportunity to have a detailed interview with Kate Morgan, a woman who cherishes the art of entrepreneurship and has successfully placed Vitol Beauty Center, a beauty and cosmetics firm, among the top businesses in India. She is very resourceful in defining true entrepreneurship and providing ingredients of real leadership. I honestly appreciate her time which she has sacrificed to share her story as she inspires the female entrepreneurs across the globe.

Me: What can you say you attribute your entrepreneurial success to?

Kate: Personally it is all about mentoring. I always strive to learn all the time and from everyone, seeking for help with neither fear nor shame because I believe no one is perfect. Furthermore, I refuse taking myself too seriously since one day we will all pass, what matters is what am I holding on to. Again, I never fully plan myself rigidly because I noticed that it will hinder me from thinking of many other things taking place around me. I avoid taking more than one task at the same time, instead, select a particular item at and put full effort until it is done. Apparently reading a lot is vital and has helped me gain much information and new ideas.

Me: What is your definition of true entrepreneurship?

Kate: It is all about doing whatever you love doing, but delivering quality with consistency. A true entrepreneur has to have a clear thought. This means a real entrepreneur can explain whatever they do use any language that makes it easy for any of the stakeholders to comprehend.

Me: Why do you think India needs more women entrepreneurs and workers?

Kate: Definitely, it makes sense that India and any other country has to appreciate women in business ownership for the well-being if the economy and even the society as a whole. A child who grows up seeing her mother working will tend to respect women more.

Me: How can you advise that lady who is ambitious in running her own business?

Kate: It is paramount to listen to your heart, avoiding getting scared whenever we decide to start a firm. Taking the first step may seem easy but continuing to hear your heart and having the courage to proceed to the second, third and fourth steps a lot more helpful. Many women today are just too judgmental of themselves and full of self-criticism. The issue is, at the end of the day we too are just humans, and no human is perfect. There is just one life to live, so it is advisable just to live it and dream bigger every day. Above all, what is important is that all the answers are within us, all we have to do is look within, work hard, sacrifice all and know that we are our best friends.

There is so much to digest from this great interview. Myself, I have learned so much about the art entrepreneurship. This discussion has given me an insight on ways of being successful regarding entrepreneurship, the value of a real enterprise, why female entrepreneurs are needed in the economy and the roles they play. Above all, the advice on how to make it as a businessperson and run a leading firm like Vitol Beauty Center was the climax of this interview.