Sample Paper on A Team Proposal on Project Management Team

The project will require a project management team since it involves shifting the entire office staff together with their furniture and office equipment from the current ground floor to the just completed first floor. This is intended to create room for a store and additional offices. The moving process will involve a three-pronged approach. First, the staff themselves will be moved outside the premises into the conference room. Second, the team will move the furniture to the new premises and lastly, the office equipment will be relocated. The proposed project management team will be tasked with four key objectives: ensuring the safety of the office equipment and furniture, using at most three hours of work time, being as accurate as possible as regards to the new office sitting layout, and ensuring all employees are comfortable and content with their new positions.

The team will comprise of six marquee individuals including the Project Manager. This individual will oversee the whole project and ensure objectives are achieved in a timely fashion. The desired characteristics for this position include great influencing and motivational skills, adept leadership acumen, preferably transformational and servant leadership, and problem-solving skills (Sunindijo, 2015). The transformational leadership style is well suited because it enables the leader to actively engage the team’s skills and make them their own leaders hence requiring little to less supervision (Mitchell, 2013). This style also permits the leader to take an active role in performing the tasks the team will be doing. The other member, the project coordinator, will act as the timekeeper and instructor. He will see to it that strict time schedules are maintained and the premises is secure from unauthorized personnel. The desired attributes for this person will be effective time management and communication skills and attention to detail. He will also be tasked with briefing the employees about their new places and answering all questions that may arise.

The team will also have two equipment specialists who will handle moving all the office equipment and ensure these are not damaged. These individuals should preferably be experienced in handling office hardware including setting up and dismantling computers, printers, and fax machines. They should also be able-bodied since they will have to carry the equipment from one floor to another.  Lastly, there will be two furniture movers who will be responsible for moving the furniture. These two persons should possess great attention to detail so as to ensure the furniture don’t mix or damaged and the official plan is strictly followed. They should be able to work under minimal supervision and possess physical strength to carry the furniture.

After selecting suitable individuals for the above positions, the team can build a pathway to success by having periodical meetings with some being held in the new premise, division of labor, orderliness, and teamwork. The team’s success strategy will involve four key stages: forming, storming, norming, and lastly performing (Molnau, 2013). The first team meeting’s agenda should be casual and primarily aimed at team members getting to know each other. As such, the first agenda of the meeting can be a brief introduction from the project manager. This agenda will ensure that the purpose of the team is well understood together with the expectations of the office management and the scheduled dates. Afterward, the team members can be allowed to introduce themselves and get acquainted with each other and with their roles.




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