Sample Nutrition Paper on Alternative foods

Sample Nutrition Paper on Alternative foods

The lack of safety and proper nutrients in what people consume has been the greatest threat to food supply.  This is because there are several bacteria that can be transmitted through what people eat putting their lives at a risk. Many individuals are left wondering what is left for them to consume especially in this era where genetically modified food has flooded the market. However, all is not lost as scientists and entrepreneurs are changing the ways in which people think regarding food. Alternative food which some people may find fascinating are bringing back hope of consuming meals that are not dangerous and have the right nutrient contents.

After conducting a thorough study on alternative foods, I found them not only fascinating but also worth trying.  The reason I would try them is because they are sustainable and also healthier option of food which differs from GMO which has potentially dangerous effects on human health.  The fact that meals such as tomato sushi are prepared using natural ingredients fascinated me. The natural taste in it makes it safe and free from toxic chemicals such as PCBs and mercury making Tomato Sushi worth trying (Tomato Sushi 1). Another alternative food idea that I found fascinating is the consumption of bio-fabricating meat which is one way of promoting sustainability while at the same time leading to healthy eating (Forgacs 1). An example of bio-fabric natural food that I would try is Soylent because of its nutrient content. It is rich in minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, and proteins which are essential for the body.

However, there are some alternative foods that did not fascinate meaning that I may not try them. For instance, Just Cookies and Just Mayo which eliminates the consumption of eggs which is a method of cooking which did not interest me (Kosoff 1).  I believe that eggs are important part of the proteins and are also healthy when consumed moderately. I cannot, therefore, advocate for its elimination in our diet. Regardless of this, alternative food has the potential to be foods of the future especially because their nutrient content and potential to provide sustainability to the planet.


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