Sample Nursing Research Paper on Agencies Promoting Quality

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is a federal body tasked with the duty of enhancing the safety and quality of healthcare services in the healthcare system. AHRQ is actively involved in the design, development, and implementation of research protocols and tools needed to improve the quality of healthcare (AHRQ, 2018). The AHRQ empowers health care professionals through training on how to make informed healthcare decisions. AHRQ has trained approximately 1,500 health professionals offering services in broad arrays of health care facilities (AHRQ, 2018). The training focuses on how to improve patient safety while in the hospital. The intention is to prevent hospital-acquired infections that may endanger the life of patients as well as prolong hospital stays. AHRQ equally assists patients living with chronic diseases by leveraging the affordability and availability of mobile phones to support the provision of telehealth services to these patients.

IOM is a nonprofit established tasked with the responsibility of advising the nation on how to improve the quality of care. Schmitt, Gilbert, Brandt, and Weinstein (2013) assert that IOM offers unbiased, evidence-based, and authoritative information to policymakers, medical professionals, and opinion leaders within the American society. IOM is utilized to influence the healthcare system through robust frameworks anchored on the provision of safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable health care services (Schmitt et al., 2013). IOM ensures that healthcare services intended to help patients do not actually injure them. Furthermore, health care services are provided in the most respectful and responsive way. Per Tzelepis, Sanson-Fisher, Zucca, and Fradgley (2015), healthcare services are also offered without delay and services are available to patients regardless of their ethnicity, age, gender, and disability. The IOM’s frameworks specially target consumers of healthcare services. The frameworks established by IOM help consumers to consider a range of quality indicators when making decisions relating to the choice of health care providers to access services from.



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