Sample Nursing Papers on Nurse Practitioners

Role of Community Nursing Practice Model on Patient Care

The Community nursing practice model plays a significant role in achieving and improving access to healthcare to the uninsured and underserved communities. The Association of clinicians for the underserved (ACU) combines clinician’s advocates and healthcare organizations in a mission to improve the health of the population while enhancing the development and support of these health providers.  Additionally, these professionals have increased decision-making powers on patient care through continued cross-disciplinary education and regulated over-lapping roles, thereby increasing the efficiency in patient care delivery (Mohamed et al., 2015). The association is beneficial to patients and will help to provide cost-effective healthcare services, thereby improving the standards of the medical care system in America.

Nurse practitioners are regulated by the state and are certified with the national credentialing organizations to focus on providing care to the selected groups.  The areas specialized for care includes women’s health, pediatrics, oncology, neonatology, psychiatry, and school health, which enables the qualified nurse to know the diseases likely to affect the population. Furthermore, the nurse must be able to combine medical knowledge, prescriptive authority, and diagnostic ability with education in considering disease management and lifestyle modifications in promoting patients health (Siomos et al., 2016). The nurses are not only trained on diagnosis and treatment in providing care but also in care and prevention, thereby empowering the population to take care of them and prevent spreading contacting and spreading of diseases.

The future of nursing practitioners focuses on increasing the number of independently managed nurses, thereby increasing the level of permitted primary caregivers in the country. Nursing practitioner must be able to determine that the success of treating patients under primary care depends on the ability of resources in the local community to meet the patient’s needs (Mohamed et al., 2015). Additionally, integrating nursing practice program in schools will assist in incorporating evaluation of independent clinical training, thereby filling gaps in many primary care settings and improving the outcome of patients.



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