Sample Nursing Paper on Why I want to be an Assistant Physician

I want to be an Assistant Physician (PA) to help save lives. The agony I experience when my workmates are injured prompts me to pursue a career as a PA so that I can help them (among other patients) through their recovery phases. I want to be someone that people can approach with any health-related issue. In the military, I have learned that health is vital in empowering economic activities, but a majority of the public downplay their health conditions. Therefore, a PA career will enable me to create awareness on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

My childhood experience also motivates me to become a PA. I grew up in a remote area where health accessibility was a major problem to residents in my area; and I longed to provide this basic necessity to my community. Furthermore, I have learned that patients interact with PAs, particularly at their lowest moments. Hence, I aim to offer quality healthcare through compassionate service delivery. For instance, I want to positively impact my patients by providing a friendly and reassuring environment during treatment. I will also strive to give the patients a shoulder to lean on, and advocate for those who may not have anyone to stand up for them.

Lastly, I believe in the positive attributes of inter-professional coordination. A PA career will make me a team player in healthcare dispensation while providing the necessary support to other health professionals within my team. By becoming a PA, I will have the opportunity to make a difference in healthcare as I am aiming to turn my passion of igniting smiles on people’s faces into a lifetime career.

My dream is to pursue a career that helps people while promoting personal development; without undermining my passion. A career as a PA will help me to achieve my dream. Therefore, I sincerely hope that my application will be given due consideration.