Sample Nursing Paper on what measures could a hospital take to prevent documentation errors

Answer the following questions: (Total 40 points/ 10 points each question)


  • Do not copy and paste from any source without proper citation and referencing
  • Use at least two research articles to support your answer for each question (2 points each question).
  • Use APA style for citation and reference list (2 points)


  1. Discuss what measures could a hospital take to prevent documentation errors from going​ unnoticed?


  1. Ahmed was just promoted to be a manager of an outpatient clinic, which recently expanded its hours from​ 6:00 a.m. until​ 10:00 p.m. He soon realizes that staff nurses are reluctant to sign up on the schedule and do quality chart​ audits, an important process used to review clinic operations and client care. He gathers information about quality improvement, reviews the literature on motivation and​ incentives, and discusses the issue with other nurse managers​ (preparation).

Ahmed continues to manage the​ clinic, thinking about the information he has gathered but does not consciously make a decision or reject new ideas​ (incubation). When working on a new​ problem, self-scheduling for the change in​ hours, he realizes a connection between the two problems. Many nurses complain that by the time they receive the schedule the day shifts are filled.

Ahmed decides to review the chart audits. Nurses who regularly participate in quality improvement projects will receive a​ perk: They will be​ allowed, on a rotating​ basis, first choice at selecting the schedule they want to work​ (this is the insight​ stage). He discusses the plan with the staff and proposes a​ 2-month trial period to determine whether the solution is effective​ (verification).


In your opinion, for what sort of problem would the approach used by Ahmed work best or​ least? Explain your answer.


  1. By not allowing circumstances or colleagues to control your​ time as a nurse manager, you have overcome a major hurdle. What else can you do to prevent your job from overtaking your personal life and causing professional burnout without neglecting your​ responsibilities?
  2. Discuss the factors that could cause ineffective delegation?