Sample Nursing Paper on Vaginal Atrophy of Menopause Women

Vaginal Atrophy of Menopause Women

Post from An

I agree with you that higher that hyaluronic acid is a more efficient intervention for vaginal atrophy among aged women compared to conjugated therapy. Physicians may prescribe hyaluronic acid or conjugated estrogen to treat the presenting symptoms for vaginal atrophy. However, hyaluronic acid cream therapy is a more effective treatment for the symptoms including cellular maturation, urinary inconsistencies, and vaginal dryness. The benefit of this method is that it offers relief for presenting symptoms without exposing the rest of the body to the side effects of estrogen therapy (Azam, 2018). Women suffering from vaginal atrophy should consider hyaluronic acid over other forms of treatment.

Post from Daniel

I think that the prescription for combined non-hormonal and hormonal treatment for Ms. Peterson’s condition is correct. Conjugated estrogen comprises a mixture of natural products that serve to replace the natural female hormone. Induced estrogen helps aging women to uphold desirable female characteristics by reducing the loss of hair and the mandible bone. They also help women to develop their body contours Conjugated estrogens also increase secretions in the cervix region resulting in more growth in the uterus lining. Conjugated estrogens treat the majority of the symptoms of vaginal atrophy including hot flashes, painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, and shrinking vaginal tissues (Omudhome, 2018).

Post from KG

I believe that besides western medication, various natural remedies can be used to resolve vaginal atrophy. The most prominent strategies include balancing the level of hormones to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and vaginal atrophy. This strategy increases the blood flow the genital organs. Scientists prescribe the use of black cohosh to balance the hormonal levels. It is advisable for women to allow themselves adequate time to get sexually aroused. Hydrating and regular exercise also keeps the body active and helps in hormonal balance. Avoiding perfumed products including spermicides, lubricants, soaps, powders, and deodorants can reduce irritation in the vagina (Alana, 2017).




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