Sample Nursing Paper on The Role of Nursing

Establishing effective communication with patients is a very imperative facet of nursing care. Interaction with patients often allows the nurses to dig deep and retrieve appropriate sensitive information. Moreover, the nurses can identify the patient’s healthcare needs and take the relevant steps in ensuring these are addressed. The nurse also has a role of ensuring a high degree of confidentiality. This will in turn aid in building trust between the nurse and patient interaction process (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2014).

Interaction with a patient’s family and significant others enables a nurse to provide direly needed support to these people. This support can either be emotional or informational. Informational support ensures that the patient’s families/significant others are not isolated from the treatment process. Emotional support ensures that the concerned persons remain emotionally strong so that they can, in turn, encourage the patient. This interaction also enables the nurse to educate the patient’s family on how to handle him/her post-treatment.

Treatment modalities can be annoying and agonizing especially when the patient does not know the activity being done on him/her and the reason behind it. A nurse should ensure that the modality is well known by the patient including possible side effects that may arise. Effective interaction with the patient should be maintained during modalities to promote patient comfort and compliance with therapy and any ensuing follow-ups.

Community Health Network aims to help adolescents plagued with substance abuse disorder manage their addictions and then overcome them. The team works in close connection with the patients to ensure that they are well informed about their substance abuse disorder and the impact it has had on their life. This enables the patient to desire to overcome the addiction. Once this consensual bond is created, the team then prescribes the patient on relevant physiological and behavioral therapies aimed at curbing the substance abuse disorder.


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