Sample Nursing Paper on The Details of EBP Project

Step 1—Ask: Ask a well-worded clinical question that can be answered with research evidence. (Weeks 4 and 6)

**** Week 4 assignment you completed (#503675166) if needed

Describe clinical/topic
This is the first week you start working on the formal paper. You will need to use 7th edition APA including a title page. Use APA paper format. Include introduction and conclusion paragraphs along with the content paragraphs.

The proposal you submit for this assignment must be at least two pages long, not including the title page. Include at least three references including the textbook and one other primary resource (original research study).

Address all the numbered sections below.

Problem (p. 79 of text, box 5.2)
Clinical Question
Using the IOWA Model, write a brief summary about the EBP Model and why it is relevant to your topic. (We will return to writing about this in more detail in upcoming weeks.)
Please remember that you will be building on this proposal throughout the course. The proposal drafts provide an opportunity to obtain valuable feedback and guidance from your instructor.

Please refer to the Grading Rubric for details on how this activity will be graded.