Sample Nursing Paper on The American Nurse

  • Develop an aesthetic appreciation of the science and the art of nursing.

The aesthetic is an artistic strategy to beautify something/someone by an individual or an organization. Nursing is one of the most diverse aspects of the world that involves improving the lives of the needy through medication. Aesthetic is significant in the art of nursing in different ways such as, improving the appearance of a sick person which increases his/her life span, improving the durability and quality of the nursing practices and also beautifying of the needy people after healing improves their self-confidence to tackle their day to day activities. From the movie ‘The American Nurse’, aesthetic appreciation of science and art of nursing is shown by Sister Stephen who is a Home Nursing Director; the beautification of nursing is illustrated through animal therapy where the elderly people are engaged with young goats, sheep, and pigs for their healing (The American Nurse, 2014). Interaction between the old age group and animals on their lap gives them freedom and hope of life as captured in the movie. Animal therapy is not the only beneficiary to old age people but also children. This is because young animals like goats are tender and friendly to touch which makes them feel safe and happy.

Nursing can be both a science and an art. Science in nursing involves a nurse’s level of information about different departments in a health setting (Adam, Osborne, & Welch, 2017). They include, a nurse has to have professional knowledge on Nursing Care Plan (NCP), knowing the effects of all diseases and their mechanism trait in a human body, a nurse needs to be updated on the current health policies and bills and also able to operate diagnostic health machines. The art of nursing relatively is the inborn character traits that a nurse/someone who wants to pursue nursing develop at a younger age. This involves more of doing the nursing craft and more of the relationship created between the nurse and the patients. It is the passion one has even before joining a nursing professional setting. A nurse, in this case, should be skillful in working as a team to provide quality health services to the patients and proper organization of medication to a large group of needy people with health issues. The difference between the two is that nursing as science will remain constant with the knowledge given in professional medical schools being diverse as compared to the art of nursing that gradually becomes extinct due to change in technology. The similarities between the art and science are that both aspects need knowledge, information, and training to function well and also they act as bridges that link the nurses and patients which makes therapeutic procedures effective.

This film has demonstrated different “caring values” such as integrity where the nurses perform their duties professionally following the right procedures in health care. Human dignity is also illustrated in the film especially in prison hospital; this is a place that comprises of people excluded from the society and Tonia Faust (prison nurse) treat all of them as any other patients in the society.

  • Reflect on the collective and personal meaning of nursing.

Nursing as an individual has been a passion since my childhood. Growing up in a family of ten siblings gave me the motivation to take care of my family’s needs as a firstborn child. I developed good communication skills among my peers, loved reading scientific books in the library during my high school period and the obsession I had for health club activities like taking care of the environment gave me the self-confidence to pursue nursing. The revelation of my nursing interest was triggered when my mother became very ill from a pneumonia attack. Most of the time before seeking medical treatment I took my time feeding her, giving therapeutic massages on her chest and providing pain killers. The fascinating concept of all these episodes increased my passion at a higher level where I multi-tasked without feeling bothered or pressed. I loved what I was doing and from then I knew I belonged to the nursing industry. In this film, I relate mostly with Naomi Cross who is a labor and delivery nurse because it has always been my passion to help deliver a new-born baby to this world. Children are such a blessing and the work Naomi does by encouraging delivering mothers is overwhelming and inspiring.

Jason Short, a home health nurse gets involved in a terrific motorcycle accident and he explains the horrific feeling of being helpless. This terrible event puts him in the position of a patient, people who he has been taking care of for years and now things change suddenly after the accident. Most nurses/doctors are used to taking care of their patients and fail to take care of themselves when they are infected that becomes a new and shocking phenomenon to them. This scenario in the movie spoke to me and made me feel connected to the nursing fraternity and what it means to be both a patient and a nurse. All the nurses had one thing in common, and that is to improve the life of anyone in need through the provision of quality health procedures. The nurses also showed common self-drive and embraced their respective jobs to take care of the patients and also the environment they live in. The one difference evaluated in this film is that all the five nurses majored in different health departments in five different locations which include homes, prisons, nursing homes and delivery unit centers.

  • Justify personal values related to nursing practice.

Core commitments, inclusivity, collaborative services, and knowledge/truth are some of the main concepts practiced by the nurses in providing a good health environment to the patients. Inclusivity is demonstrated where the nurses in different departments treat all patients without favoritisms which is a core value in nursing practice. Knowledge and truth are shown by the nurses in their skills in providing treatment to the elderly and children. Collaborative services have been performed between health clinics and health organizations such as the American Nursing Association (ANA) in facilitating the supply of health equipment and machines to improve human life. I think religion and spirituality are main essentials in nursing practices due to the understanding that we came into existence through creation according to the Bible/Quran, and it is always important to pray for guidance as a nurse to save a life (Mendes, 2015). Different cultures have different religious aspects that affect the health community both positively and negatively. For example, people or patients who frequently attend religious functions and define themselves as spiritual, experience a lower mortality rate as compared to the non-believers. Studies have shown that church attendance results in a reduction of drug consumption such as alcohol, engaging in training during leisure time and improving one’s mood. All these impacts are good for the physical health of any human being. Similar studies have shown that spiritual people tend to escape depression and mental illnesses by praying and taking part in church activities. The nursing industry as a whole should embrace spirituality/religio9n to execute their roles with more wisdom and knowledge.

The religious perspectives of caring/nursing are different from the nursing practices performed in the film because it does not involve the deep idea of worshipping and praying. Nurses in the film engage with patients by encouraging them and giving them hope to fight their illnesses. Spirituality, however, is an individual purpose to find the deeper meaning of life. This does not involve any guidelines, regulations, and rules as compared to religion. In nursing practice, for example, a patient suffering from a mental disorder is likely to seek comfort in religion. Religion is more of a social and cultural norm to believe the existence of a supernatural being and spirituality does not necessarily need a religious framework.


Conclusion-Nursing Appreciation

‘The American Nurse’ film which was aired in 2014 innovated relevant health procedures that have been used by health institutions locally and internationally to improve the lifestyle of the needy people in society. Nursing has been significant in society for decades now by reducing the mortality rate in various sections of the world. Nursing organizations have collaborated with the governmental officials in discussing and initiating health bills to improve the proper running of hospitals (Kanchana, & Sangamesh, 2016). Nurses have also provided education to the people through advertisements and public awareness programs on preventive measures on chronic diseases and the harmful effects of drug abuse. Some health organizations have taken the initiative to build nursing education centers with the right professionals to equip the students with the correct skills to help them in their careers. Through scientific research and technological factors, nurses and physicians have collaborated in analyzing statistics to come up with cures of deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Nursing also has been a source of revenue to countries all over the world that has promoted the development of clinics improving the lives of people in the community and their culture.




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