Sample Nursing Paper on professional nursing journals

I’m instructed to do a research paper for school. I chose to do #11 which is preventing burn out in new nurses. #3 in the instructions wants me to relate it back how it can affect my nursing practice. To help you answer you should know I’m in my last semester of nursing school living in NYC and Im a 25 year old woman. just make up something that can relate burn out to someone like me. Maybe add that I tend to give everything I do 100% and I can see I might be the type of worker that goes above and beyond and picking up extra shifts and getting burned out. Thank u so much

Students shall complete a 4–5 pages which is only the body of the paper, on a nursing trend discussed during
the course.
1. The research paper must cite articles from professional nursing journals that address the topic of interest.
2. Detailed analysis/interpretation of the research must be provided.
3. Include how the research/findings might affect your nursing practice, and recommend further research that
may add to the body of knowledge of the topic.
4. Refer to the Research Paper Rubric as you research and write your paper. This is your grading criteria. All
aspects of APA formatting must be followed.

Research Paper Suggested Topics:
1. Health Care Costs in the US
2. Cost of medications for (orphan) rare diseases and conditions
3. Accessibility of Health Care for Underserved Populations
4. End of Life Care Decisions with Children / or Disabled Adults/ or Elderly with Dementia / or
competent adults with terminal diagnosis
5. Mandatory Flu immunizations as mandated by the Department of Health in NY State
6. Use of Telemedicine in Providing increased access to health care
7. Use of Telehealth to improve home care monitoring and treatment
8. Technology in development to improve health care
9. Readiness for disaster assistance in communities
10. Environmental situations in communities that increase risk of disease/infection
11. Preventing burn out in new nurses
12. Teaching self-care to adolescent girls/boys
13. Obesity in the US and methods to decrease the trend
14. Sexually transmitted disease prevention
15. Sleep deprivation in acute or long term care facilities
16. Nutrition in public schools
17. Smoking prevention in children
18. Possible Causes of the Measles outbreak in Disneyland
19. Is there a relationship between Immunizations and Autism
20. Communicable diseases on airplanes
21. Gluten Free diets and adequate nutrition
22. The impact of shift work on health
23. Under diagnosed cardiac disease in females
24. Reducing medication errors in acute or long term care settings
25. Use of hypothermia during surgery to improve outcomes
26. ADHD in adults
27. Or as submitted to and approved by the instructor