Sample Nursing Paper on Nursing Standards of Practice in Florida

Nursing standards of practice can be defined as the services that a nursing professional is competent enough to perform and is allowed to undertake while abiding by the rules or terms of their licensure. One of the entities involved in the development of the nursing standards of practice in Florida is the American Nurses Association (ANA). ANA is known for its representation of over 3.6 million registered nurses across the U.S. Its responsibilities revolve around maintaining high nursing standards of practices as well as promoting an ethical and safe working environment. In Florida, ANA works hand in hand with the Florida Board of Nursing in coming up with and ensuring that nursing professionals abide by the standards of practice.

In Florida, like several other states, the process of developing nursing standards of practice begins with the specialty nursing organization (SNO) reaching out to the involved entities such as ANA and expressing the desire to have specialty nursing practice standards acknowledged. The standards are then reviewed and revised as necessary as dictated by various changes in the practice environment. Also, part of the process is the establishment of a workgroup by the SNO to create a new or revised the nursing standards of practice in place. The ANA committee is then tasked with reviewing the proposed standards and submitting them for approval by the ANA Board of Directors (Tilton and Tortorice). In the event the submitted standards meet the required criteria, they are then approved and acknowledged.

Standards of practice influence the nursing process in a variety of ways. One of the critical elements in nursing is ethics, and the standards of practice often help in upholding ethics among nurses. For instance, the standards ensure that nurses are committed to meeting the needs of the patient, his or her family, and the entire community (Miller-Hoover 19). This is an ethical responsibility of nurses, which is strengthened by compliance with existing nursing standards of practice.



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