Sample Nursing Paper on Nurse Practice Act (NPA)

Description: Understanding the Nurse Practice Act (NPA) is one of the most important ways
nurses can ensure they act according to the laws of the state. Many nurses don’t realize that
the NPA is designed to protect the public from nurses, not the other way around. As you
transition from student nurse to registered nurse, knowing the rules you are expected to follow
will help you to be a safe practitioner.

Purpose: The purpose of the paper is to gain an understanding of the NPA by summarizing the
assigned section and detailing how it applies to real world scenarios by presenting findings to
other students and submitting a paper for review.
1. For this assignment, each student will be assigned one part of the NPA by the clinical
instructor. All parts with an asterisk* MUST be assigned.
a. *Subchapter F – License Requirements
b. Subchapter G – License Renewal
c. *Subchapter H – Practice by License Holder
d. *Subchapter I – Reporting Violations and Patient Care Concerns
e. *Subchapter J – Prohibited Practices and Disciplinary Actions
f. Subchapter K – Administrative Penalty
g. Subchapter L – Other Penalties and Enforcement Provisions
h. Subchapter M – Anesthesia in Outpatient Setting
i. *Subchapter N – Corrective Action Proceeding and Deferred Action
j. *Chapter 303 – Nursing Peer Review
k. Chapter 304 – Nurse Licensure Compact
2. The student will prepare a presentation and 2–3-page paper according to the rubric that
teaches peers about the assigned section of the NPA.
3. To show how the NPA applies in real life, the students will choose a case from the
nursing discipline section of the Texas Board of Nursing (TBON) website that applies TO
a. The case MUST be approved by the clinical instructor before it may be used.
b. Students will summarize the case, to include: the summary of the case, what
section of the NPA was violated, and how the nurse should have acted to stay in
compliance with the NPA.
4. The submitted paper will be checked for plagiarism through the Canvas Plagiarism
a. Papers are required to score less than 15 % on the plagiarism checker.
b. The plagiarism checker will be set to check 4+ word phrases and exclude the
reference page.
c. Papers scoring more than 15 % must be rewritten for 50% of the original points,
so please ensure you are checking the plagiarism score before submission.