Sample Nursing Paper on Human Patients Case Player Guide

Review the i-Human Patients Case Player Guide, which includes helpful tips for completing the patient simulation.

All sections of the i-Human case should be completed in full, and the student is expected to identify the correct differential diagnoses and the correct final diagnosis for the patient presented to achieve full points for this assignment.

Note: Use the lab to complete the patient simulation to the best of your ability since you will use this experience to complete the associated Reflection assignment. The detailed summary of your lab is an excellent opportunity to review techniques that will help advance best practices associated with health assessments.

This assessment provides an opportunity for you to practice your professional collaboration skills as well as diagnostic skills.

First, watch the introductory video about professional collaboration.

Sarah O’Neil presented to you with complaints of crying spells at work and calling in sick due to feeling overwhelmed and fatigued. She reports she has been sad for most days over the past month, has no interest in socializing, and she feels distracted and tired despite sleeping 10–12 hours each night. She also reports an increase in appetite with a recent 10-pound weight gain. Six weeks ago, the patient shares she had a 10-day episode of elevated mood, decreased sleep, increased productivity, creative thinking, and an increase in energy, which denotes a change in her behavior. Her physical exam was unremarkable. You ordered labs including TSH, cortisol, CBC, ferritin, and HCG, all of which were within normal limits/negative. You suspect bipolar II disorder as the cause of her symptoms.

Locate and read an academic article from the University Library that relates to the condition presented in the Sarah O’Neil case to improve your clinical skills.

Write a 750-word summary regarding your patient encounter with Sarah O’Neil based on the insight gained from the article you selected.

Include the following in your summary:
• Explain how you arrived at your differential diagnoses for Ms. O’Neil.
• Since you cannot diagnose bipolar II disorder, which ICD-10 codes would you use to code this visit?
• Outline a detailed collaboration and follow-up plan for Ms. O’Neil, including any resources/specialists you would utilize to optimize her care.

Cite a minimum of 2 to 3 peer-reviewed references.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.