Sample Nursing Paper on Fall Prevention Improvement Project

Appendix I

Healthcare Improvement Project

Force Field Analysis Template


Force Field Analysis
A force field analysis will assist you in identifying the driving and restraining forces for implementing your healthcare improvement project. In the table below, list three positive forces that will drive the implementation of your project and three negative forces that will restrain it.
3 Positive (Driving) Forces 3 Negative (Restraining) Forces


1.   A reduction in falls would help provide a better patient experience and improve the hospitals patient experience scores


1.   Patients not adhering to the fall prevention system or the fall prevention measures.  Such as the patient not wanting a virtual sitter, or being against the falls mats being on the floor surrounding the bed. 
      2. A reduction in falls would save the hospital money on the injuries that occur when patients experience a fall.       2. Total cost of the project including the proposed cost of the virtual sitter, virtual monitor system.


      3. Implementation of the virtual sitters will require less staff members to monitor patients at a higher fall risk       3. Staff members that are resistant to the implementation of the virtual sitters.  Staff members may not totally believe in the virtual sitter or trust the technology.